Cupping Therapy is a therapeutic, naturopathic, holistic treatment that originated from Egypt, the first documented medical text was found in 1550 BC. Vacuum therapy has been around for thousands of years. It is trending now thanks to many winning Olympians like Michael Phelps. Hijama has then been adopted by many cultures including Egyptian, Islamic, European, Greek, Native American, and Asian culture for centuries. American doctors carried cupping sets into the early 20th century, and the breast pump developed from this era. Hijama Cupping is a holistic form of preventative and curative therapy that has no adverse side effects. Hijama provides Healing without medicine.

“Hijama” literally means “Suction” and could also be referred to as “Wet Cupping”. However the term “Hijama” is more technical and definitive. Hijama, when compared to Wet Cupping, emphasizes a healing combination of the soul and body. It refers to refined therapeutic standards that are not solely profit oriented. It references the fact that healing comes only for God, but yet we seek various therapies because God commanded us to do so.

Hijama by nature is reconstructive and regenerative yet it is minimally invasive. Hijama does not just mask the pain, it heals the body on a cellular level. It does not cut arteries, veins, nerves or muscles. Before Hijama, we check vitals, then sanitize the skin. We start by applying cups according to predetermined Accu-Hijama plan. The strength of suction is applied at one of the following 3 levels 1- Stimulation Strength, 2- Tonifying Strength, 3- Drainage (Detox) Strength. During Hijama shallow, superficial incisions are made on the skin that was being dry cupped to draw fluids out.

Hijama, also known as, Wet Cupping is a safe, non-invasive and economical way to help in treating and preventing many dis-eases where blood and lymph fluids are drawn by vacuum from a superficial skin scratching for therapeutic purposes. The body automatically activates its natural defense mechanism called Hemostasis, which stops the bleeding. The back is the most common area that is used for cupping therapy. Efficacy of Hijama is dependent on factors that include identifying: When to do Hijama, Where to place the cups, Order of the cups, Strength of the negative pressure (Suction), Duration of negative pressure, Style of incisions, Number of sessions… etc.

Hijama is performed using single-use disposable cups and a single-use sterile surgical blade. The incisions made are shallow, superficial, and non-invasive. They look more like a scratch or a paper cut. The negative pressure of Hijama, along with the incisions, rupture weak capillaries that have lost elasticity and deteriorated, in cases beyond repair. Capillary cells have the ability to regenerate from pre-existing blood vessels; this process is called angiogenesis. Angiogenesis occurs to heal the body, and restore blood flow to affected tissues. Endothelial cell are designed to mend or create a new capillaries. The re-activated endothelial cells produce enzymes and growth factors that triggers the healthy multiplication of more endothelial cells and release them into the surrounding tissue. The result is newly formed capillaries, an increase in the vascular network.

Hijama can improve your blood composition and blood quality. It filters out impurities from your blood. Multiple studies have compared venous blood before and after Hijama to find startling results. It increase the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to the cells. It increase the number of white blood cells. Hijama reduces blood sugar levels for diabetic patients despite the fact that it does not cure diabetes. Hijama also reduce Creatinine levels in the blood specially for patients of chronic renal disease. This is why Creatinine, Uric Acid and Uria levels are always high in the blood drawn out by Hijama as part of the excretory function of Hijama. Hijama reduces Elevated liver enzymes often indicate inflammation or damage to cells in the liver. Hijama reduces levels of hyperkalemia and hypernatremia. Improve abnormally shaped red blood cells. To sum up, Hijama motivates your natural healing powers to reach a healthy equilibrium for your physician, emotional and mental energy. It does not increase or decrease hormones, immune response, blood pressure…etc blindly or endlessly. Hijama rather modulates and regulates the body to reach natural homeostasis.

“Early civilizations may have been inspired by seeing bats remove blood from animals, hippos scratching on trees until they bled, and other animals scratching at diseased body parts for relief.” Dr. Douglas Arbittier, M.D.


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