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A free guide to getting rid of Evil Spirits, Black Magic/ Witchcraft, Evil Eye, Demons, Ghosts and Negative Energy.

In response to the enormous quantity of inquiries concerning this topic, we have created this non-profit content.

Muslim scholars recognize three different types of diseases. Diseases of the body (like diabetes and hypertension), Diseases of the soul (like hypocrisy and cruelty), and diseases of the spirit (like evil eye and evil magic). This section covers spiritual disorders. For instance, Some people feel weird irritation, negative thoughts, or pulse-like, intruding movement in their bodies. They have already been to many psychiatric and medical doctors and have done every MRI and X-ray scan. Their blood tests come back normal but they feel inside that something evil is happening. They see it in their dreams from time to time. They are not the same but they are also not hallucinating. They are in constant quest for peace.. peace that they can’t find in their homes or even with their loved ones. They wonder what has changed. If this is similar to your experience, this content is dedicated to you.

Content perspective: This content exclusively follows the teachings of the Islamic faith based on believing in God, the One Lord “Allah” in accordance with the Sunni Muslim Majority. The guidance below stems from “There is no God but Allah, and that Muhammed is his final prophet and messenger to mankind and that Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammed are the honored, humble slaves of the One God, Allah. Our goal is to improve the spiritual health of our community by reviving Sunnah therapy.

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Prophet Muhammed, Oh Slaves of Allah, Seek cure from your sickness; for Allah did not create a disease unless He created a cure for it, except for Aging.

There could never be a point in one’s life without experiencing whispers of the sheitan, no matter how pious.

Realize the difference between Protection versus Treatment mode. Protection is much easier and faster.

What if I don’t speak Arabic? you are not alone. The majority of Muslims are not Arabs. Listen then to the recorded verses of the Quran you will gradually learn how to say them. Listen while reading the translation or the subtitles. 

You can also find the translated surah on YouTube or other media with translated subtitles. Then listen to the entire surah while reading every subtitled translated verse word by word on your electronic device, like a laptop for example. You will find this website very helpful https://www.quranful.com/

Prophet Muhammed said, “Whoever is proficient with Quran, is in the company of the honorable and righteous angels and whoever recites the Quran while stuttering as it is difficult for him, gets double the reward.” (agreed upon)

Quranic verses that guide our understanding of the Shaitan

1- “Indeed the plots of Shaitan are weak”

2- “That is only Shaitan who frightens [you] of his supporters. So fear them not, but fear me [Allah], if you are indeed believers”

3- “But they [Shaitan] do not harm anyone through it [magic] except by the permission of Allah”

4- “Indeed, you [Shaitan] have no authority over my servants except those of the deviants who follow you”

5- “And hence if you get whispers from the devil, to stir you up, then seek refuge in Allah, He [Allah] is all-hearing, all-knowing”

6- “And Whoever turns away from the remembrance of The Most Gracious [Allah], We will assign a devil for him, so he [the devil] is a companion to him”

Note the overlapping definitions of “Jinn” and “Shaitan”. Shaitan mainly means to be an enemy of God. There are Shaitans in Humans and Shaitans in Jinn. The devil is a Shaitan from the Jinn type. It could be referred to as Jinn and it could be referred to as Shaitan.  Even in Animals, there are Shaitans. Prophet Muhammed said “A black dog is a shaitan” Authentic in Muslim. It rather means that a solid black dog (must be solid black) is more violent or less helpful than any other dog. It is the Shaitan of dogs, not the Shaitan of Jinn.

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Regarding the content on this site, whatever is good and true, is from Allah alone, and whatever is wrong or misleading, is from myself and Shaitan.

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