How can I get rid of Evil Spirits, Black Magic, Evil Eye, Demons and Negative Energy?

Muslim scholars recognize three different types of diseases. Diseases of the body (like diabetes and hypertension), Diseases of the soul of the heart (like hypocrisy and cruelty), and diseases of the spirit like (evil eye and harm of the devil). This section covers spiritual disorders. Some people feel weird irritation, negative thoughts, or pulse-like movement in their bodies. They have already been to many psychiatric and medical doctors and have done every scan, MRI, and X-ray scan. Their blood tests come back normal but they feel inside that something evil happening. They see it in their dreams from time to time. They are not the same but they are also not hallucinating. They are in constant quest for peace.. peace that they can’t find in their homes or even with their loved ones. They wonder what have changed. If this is your experience, this content is dedicated to you.

Content religious perspective: This content exclusively follows the teachings of the Islamic faith based on believing in God, the One Lord “Allah” in accordance with the Sunni Muslim Majority. The guidance below stems from “There is no God but Allah, and that Muhammed his final prophet and messenger to mankind and that Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammed are the honored, humble slaves of the One God, Allah. Our goal is to improve the spiritual health of our community by reviving Sunnah therapy.

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How to get rid of Shaitan, Jinn and Evil Magic?

How to get rid of devil intrusions in the house?

How to handle patient reaction during Ruqiah?

Prophet Muhammed: Evil eye is real and if something would over write destiny, it would be evil eye.

What is the effect of Hijama on Evil Eye & Evil Magic?

Should I get Ruqiah first or Hijama?

How to physically remove the knots of Shaitan?

How to prepare Ruqiah water and oil?

How to wash a way the harm of Shaitan?

Prophet Muhammed said Rely on confidentiality in getting your matters accomplished

How to treat Psychological disorders?

Depression, suicide and whispers

What is a Qarin?

How to choose a Raqi, legitimate Spiritual Healer?

Can I go to a priest to treat me?

How do fortune tellers know about me?

Can I get rid of Evil Magic by another Magic?

There could never be a point in one’s life when they do not experience whispers of sheitan, no matter how pious.

How to treat Evil Eye?

What are the symptoms of Evil Eye?

Can I wash away Evil Eye?

Can Evil Magic or Evil Eye cause divorce?

How to treat loss of sexual desire?

Should I tell my fiance?

Realize the difference between Protection versus Treatment mode. Protection in general is much easier than getting Sheitan out, after it has already settled in the body, which requires more effort.

Evil Magic (Sihr)

Could Sihr be applied online?

Is Evil Magic hereditary?

How to void Evil Magic items?

How did I get Shaitan?

Female infliction, period and appearance

What is Evil Eye Shaitan?

What is Creepy Sex Jinn?

How can Ruqiah be effective?

Common mistakes patients do!!

Do Recorded Ruqiah work?

Can a man give Ruqiah to a woman and vice versa?

Why is it important to blow air and spittle during Ruqiah?

Ibn Abbas Narrated that Prophet Muhammed said, Slaves of Allah, Seek cure from your sickness for Allah did not create a disease unless He created a cure for it, except for Aging.

What if I don’t speak Arabic? you are not alone. The majority of Muslims are not Arabs. Listen then to the recorded verses of the Quran you will gradually learn how to say them. Listen while reading the translation or the subtitles. 

You can also find the translated surah on YouTube or other media with translated subtitles. Then listen to the entire surah while reading every subtitled translated verse word by word on your electronic device, like a laptop for example. You will find this website very helpful

Prophet Muhammed said, “Whoever is proficient with Quran, is in the company of the honorable and righteous angels and whoever recites the Quran while stuttering as it is difficult for him, gets double the reward.” (agreed upon)

These verses of the Quran, guide our understanding of the relationship between Man and Shaitan:

1- “Indeed the plots of Shaitan are weak”

2- “That is only Shaitan who frightens [you] of his supporters. So fear them not, but fear me [Allah], if you are indeed believers”

3- “But they [Shaitan] do not harm anyone through it [magic] except by the permission of Allah”

4- “Indeed, you [Shaitan] have no authority over my servants except those of the deviants who follow you”

5- “And hence if you get whispers from the devil, to stir you up, then seek refuge in Allah, He [Allah] is all-hearing, all-knowing”

6- “And Whoever turns away from the remembrance of The Most Gracious [Allah], We will assign a devil for him, so he [the devil] is a companion to him”

What if I am too busy?

You are not too busy. Too busy is a state of mind. If you can’t, then listen to Ruqyah on speakers, if not, then use a headphone on both your ears. If you can’t, then use a Bluetooth headset on your left ear. You have to put in the time and effort, then use technology. Play your recitations and Athkar on a low volume from your cell phone constantly.

The Morning and Evening Athkar you can’t afford to miss

Morning and Evening Athkar are necessary for protection but if you absolutely can’t recite them all then, please consider this condensed version as a bare minimum expectation.

  1. Recite Ayat Al-Korsi once in the morning and once in the Evening.
  2. Recite once in the evening the last 2 Ayah of Surat Al-Baqarah (last 2 verses of the Cow chapter)
  3. Recite these 3 short chapters of the Quran, 3 times each in the morning and 3 times each in the evening (Surat Al-Ikhlas, Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Nas).
  4. Say once in the evening (I seek refuge in the wholeness of Allah’s words from the evil of what he created) أعوذ بكلمات الله التامات من شر ما خلق
  5. Recite 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening: “I seek refuge in the name of Allah with whose name no harm could occur in the heavens or the earth.”بسم الله الذي لا يضر مع اسمه شيء في الأرض ولا في السماء وهو السميع العليم
  6. If you have Evil Magic or Mas (targeted by Shaitan) or if you are a Raqi, Repeat 100 times a day: “There is no God but Allah, alone, without any partner. The Kingdom and praise belong to Him and He has the ultimate power over everything” (La ilaha illa’llah, wahdahu la sharika lah, lahu’l mulku wa lahu’l hamd, wa huwa ala kulli shay’in qadir)لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شيء قدير

Do non-Muslims experience harm from Sheitan as well?

Yes, at a much higher rate but it goes misdiagnosed. In search of a cure, people end up taking psychotic medications that have many side effects. That is not to say that every mental illness is because of Sheitan however most psychotic disorders are from Sheitan.

Does the Sheitan operate in the holy month of Ramadan?

Yes, According to the hadith they are chained up. Scholars explained that this means one of two things 1-Either they are less active compared to other months, despite being performing. 2-The Maradah type (Powerful Repels) are the only ones tied up.

Does Allah protect Muslims against this harm?

Yes, but only if they follow his straight path they can get out of the traps of Sheitan. They must avoid sins like earning corrupt money, dressing seductively in public, giving false testimony, fornication, consuming Alcohol, backbiting, cheating.. etc.

So if God is kind and fair, why did not he create a world without evil?

He already did. It is called the Heavens, Paradise, or Jannah. You just have to get there.

Why do I struggle more in the evening?

Humans are more active during the day time however Shaitan is more active in the evening and after sunset.

Prophet Muhammed said “When it gets dark or when it is evening time, hold your kids inside, that is because Sheitan spread at that time. When an hour has passed, release them.” Authentic in the book of Bukhari and Muslim.

Prophet Muhammed also said: “Do not release your cattle or kids when the sun sets, until dusk time ends, because Sheitan is released between sunset and end of dusk.” Authentic in the Book of Muslim

What is the ultimate goal of the Sheitan?

The ultimate goal of the Sheitan is for Man to disbelieve in God, get divorced, refrain from marriage, and promote homosexuality and faithlessness. Sheitan will prompt a man to commit suicide. It does not want to go to Hellfire alone.

Could Someone stay untreated for the rest of their lives?

Yes, it happens despite being rare. For faithful believers, Allah tests their patience to maximize the reward. They learn how to cope with it. They learn what to say to prevent deterioration. They continue to succeed and lead a happy, healthy life.

Why are there too many conflicting treatment programs?

“Someone was told to read Surat Yasin, someone else was told to read Surat Al-Jinn, Surat Al-Saffat… etc. They all agree that repetition has to be very high in number. Why are there too many conflicting treatment programs?”

Exactly. Just now you got the point. Scholars explain that the entire book of the Quran is a Ruqyah. The point is that it is Allah who gives the cure. The cure is in his words. Whichever way you take, you will not go wrong. Just be in a frequent remembrance of Allah with your heart and tongue together, while reciting His own words. The remembrance must include the tongue and not be only by the heart.

How can I learn more about the types of Jinn, and Sihr and the way they work?

DO NOT learn more than what Allah and his messenger taught us. The less you know, the better. Allah and his prophet have given you the cure and all that you need to know. Do not seek more knowledge outside of Quran and Sunnah. More than that, you will only hear contradicting information that can’t be verified. You will further confuse yourself and delay your healing.

What if I stalled in my fight against Sihr, Sheitan and Hasad, and Ayn?

A few things can work in your favor. Hajj, Umrah, Sadaqah (charity), and sacrificing animals for the sake of Allah and in his name to feed the poor and needy. These actions are very effective in subtly empowering you. 

Can I do my recitations and Athkar while working and moving around?

Yes. You can recite as much as you wish while working, walking, cleaning the house, cooking, driving… etc. provided that you are in a state of Chastity (meaning that you showered after your last wet dream or last intercourse experience). You must not recite Quran or do Athkar in the bathroom.

Can I do my recitations and Athkar while not being in a state of Wudua?

Yes, However, you must be in a state of Wudua if you are going to touch or carry the physical book of the Quran.

Can I recite Quran and do Athkar while on my period?

Yes, you can as long as you are not touching the physical book of the Quran. However, you can read and recite Quran and Athkar from your memory or any electronic device like a cell phone.

Can I recite Quran and Athkar while resting at home without Hijab?

Yes you can recite Quran and Athkar without Hijab while wearing your home gown. You can recite Quran while laying down in bed or on a lounge. Mother Aisha, wife of prophet Muhammed narrated that “The prophet used to rest in my lap and recite Quran while I was menstruating.” Authentic in Bukhari

How to treat a stubborn patient who refuses to be treated?

We hear this question repeatedly especially from wives and moms. Do Ruqiah into the food and drinks of the patient without their knowledge. Fill the patient’s bottle of water and do Ruqiah into this water. Do Ruqiah in all the food the patient eats without their knowledge. Recite Quran in their bedroom when they are out of the house. Recite Ruqiah discreetly on them during their sleep. Recite Ruqiah while blowing and spitting into your hands, then wipe their head, face and body while pretending to hug them. Do Ruqiah in their shampoo, creams, lotions etc. (we explained in a different section how to do that). Give out charity to needy Muslims (not panhandlers) with the intention to treat your patient. In the presence of the patient, talk to other supporting family members or friends on the phone on how to fortify themselves against the Shaitan, so that the patient learns indirectly. Take the patient to Omrah or Hajj (Pilgrimage in Mecca). Lastly and most important, Pray at night and supplicate to Allah to guide and cure your patient.

Is it Halal (permissible) for the Raqi to take a fee?

Yes, it is Halal for the Raqi to specify or take a fee. If a Raqi does not ask for a fee, the patient should still give him/her a generous amount of money for their time or at least give them a valuable gift. They have life expenses just like everyone else. Raqi’s accept high risk for treating patients afflicted with Jinn. Besides morning and evening Athkar, Raqi’s and Hijama Practitioners should fortify themselves by reading Surat Al-Baqarah in full before and after performing a session on an afflicted patient. Some of Raqi’s and Hijama Practitioners are exposed to revenge by the Jinn or Sheitan even if they are pious. It is not uncommon that they get inflicted by vindictive harm (Mas). So it is not just the time for the treatment that they charge for, it is also the before and after session fortification that they have to do.

Could Jinn make me rich?

Could Jinn guide me to where treasures or gold are? No. They never do. Non-believing Jinn is only concerned with harming others. Every single Sahir (evil magician) lives and dies poor and miserable. As for God-believing Jinn, they are never concerned with exerting effort to make someone from another creation get rich.

Note the overlapping definitions of Jinn and Shaitan. Shaitan mainly means to be an enemy of God. There are Shaitans in Humans and Shaitans in Jinn. The devil is a Shaitan from the Jinn type. It could be referred to as Jinn and it could be referred to as Shaitan.  Even in Animals, there are Shaitans. Prophet Muhammed said “A black dog is a shaitan” Authentic in Muslim. It rather means that a solid black dog (must be solid black) is more violent or less helpful than any other dog. It is the Shaitan of dogs, not the Shaitan of Jinn.

Can Jinn enter animals, like dogs and cats?

Yes, it can. People notice strange prolonged stares from their animals accompanied by hostility and bizarre behaviors. For example, a dog could start to try to lick and sniff private areas of the body. Ruqyah and Ruqyah water can treat the afflicted animal.

Are kids safe from Shaitan and Jinn?

No, they are not. They are targeted by Shaitan just like adults. This is why prophet Muhammed advised us to keep our kids indoors, out of the way of Shaitan during sunset time, which is the time Shaitan are released in large numbers. You could meet an inflicted 40 years old woman, who was afflicted at the age of 5. Do Ruqyah for your kids, it is easier during their sleep. Do they scream or cry for no reason? Ask them about their dreams. Do not over-dress your kids so they look so pretty. Ayn “Nazar” occurs, then Ayn is followed by Shaitan, the Shaitan settles and then becomes Creepy Jinn who never wants to leave. Look up the Creepy Jinn article on this website for more information. It is very important to avoid dolls and toys that look realistic. Realistic dolls and toys are forbidden, they bring Shaitan and keep angels out of the house.

I heard I should not be asking for Ruqyah

Prophet Muhammed said: “Seventy thousand of my followers will enter Paradise without standing for judgment. They are those who do not ask for Ruqyah and do not see evil omen in things and put their trust in their Lord.” Authentic in Bukhari

However, we know that prophet Muhammed himself received Ruqyah from his wife and angel Jibril. Scholars stated that what this means is one of the following, that people do not ask others to give them Ruqyah for every little misshapen, not to ask for Ruqiah for an expected to happen problem that did not occur or not to ask for Ruqiah while believing that Ruqiah is the cure in itself rather than being merely means of asking Allah for the cure. Yet, it is encouraged to do Ruqiah for ourselves by ourselves as much as needed.

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Regarding the content on this site, whatever is good and true, is from Allah alone, and whatever is wrong or misleading, is from myself and Shaitan.

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