Learn how to break spells, escape the devil, get rid of demons and deal with witchcraft according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammed.

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Our content exclusively follows the teachings of the Islamic faith based on believing in God, the One Lord “Allah” in accordance with the Sunni Muslim Majority. The guidance below stems from “There is no God but Allah, and that Muhammed his final prophet and messenger to mankind and that Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed are the honored, humble slaves of the One God, Allah.

How can I get rid of evil spirits, black magic, evil eye, Sheitan and negative energy?

Prophet Muhammed: Evil eye is real and if something would over write destiny, it would be evil eye.

Prophet Muhammed said Rely on confidentiality in getting your matters accomplished

There could never be a point in life when one does not experience whispers of sheitan, no matter how pious you are, unless you are consistent with the Athkar.

Realize the difference between protection versus treatment mode. Protection in general is much easier than the process of getting Sheitan/ Jinn out, after it has already settled in the body, which requires much more effort.

Ibn Abbas Narrated that Prophet Muhammed said, Slaves of Allah, Seek cure from your sickness as Allah did not create a disease unless He created a cure for it, except for aging.

Prophet Muhammed said Whoever seeks a cure in Haram (forbidden) therapy, Allah will not allow a cure in that therapy

These are some translated verses from Quran that guide our understanding of the relationship between Man and Sheitan:

1- “Indeed the plots of Sheitan are weak”

2- “That is only Sheitan who frightens [you] of his supporters. So fear them not, but fear me [Allah], if you are indeed believers”

3- “But they [Sheitan] do not harm anyone through it [magic] except by the permission of Allah”

4- “Indeed, you [Sheitan] have no authority over my servants except those of the deviants who follow you”

5- “And hence if you get whispers from the devil, to stir you up, then seek refuge in Allah, He [Allah] is all-hearing, all-knowing”

6- “Any whoever turns away from the remembrance of The Most Gracious, We will appoint a devil for him, so he is a companion to him”

Should I get Hijama first or Ruqia?

Definitely, always start with Ruqia and then follow it up with Hijama soon after. Going forward, you will need to alternate sessions of HIjama and Ruqia. Always tell your Hijama Practitioner, a day in advance, if you have Sihr before he starts working on you. This will give the Hijama Practitioner the opportunity to fortify himself with Athkar before he starts. Also, the Hijama Practitioner will tweak the treatment plan to focus on points that will help remove the evil effect of Sihr left over by the Jinn. It is NOT recommended to combine both Hijama and Ruqia in the same session if there is Jinn inside the body unless the Raqi tells you that Jinn wants to come out and ready for that. However, in the case of Hassad and Iyen (without Jinn) it is safe for the Hijama Practitioner, Raqi and the patient to combine Hijama and Ruqia together.

What do inflicted patients feel specifically during Ruqia?

It is different from one person to the other depending on the kind of adversary they are being harmed with. Inflicted patients typically experience excessive yawning, shivers mostly in the hands and feet, tingling, stinging, uncontrolled crying and screaming, increased pulse like movement that are experienced internally in random body parts, and vomiting.

I want to get rid of Sheitan but I do not have time

You have to put in the time and effort, then use technology. Wear a Bluetooth on your left ear and play your recitations and Athkar on a low volume from your cell phone constantly.

Do None-Muslims experience harm from Sheitan as well?

Yes, at a much higher rate but it goes misdiagnosed. In search for a cure, people end up taking psychotic medications that has severe side effects. That is not to say that every mental illness is because of Sheitan however most psychotic disorders are from Sheitan.

Does the Sheitan operate in the holy month of Ramadan?

Yes of course, According to the hadith they are chained up. Scholars explained that the means one of two things 1-Either they are less active compared to other months, despite being performing. 2-The Maradah type (Powerful Repels) are the only ones tied up.

Does Allah protect Muslims against this harm?

Yes, but only if they follow his straight path they can get out of the traps of Sheitan. They must avoid sins like earning corrupt money, dressing in seductive fashion in public, giving false testimony, fornication, consuming Alcohol, back biting.. etc.

So if God is kind and fair, why did not he create a world without evil?

He already did. It is called the Heavens, Paradise or Jannah. You just have to get there.

Why do I struggle more in the evening?

Humans are more active during day time however Sheitan is more active in the after sunset. Prophet Muhammed said “When it gets dark or when it is evening time, hold your kids inside, that is because Sheitan are spreading at that time. When an hour has passed, release them.” Prophet Muhammed also said: “Do not release your cattle or kids when the sun sets, until the dusk time ends, because Sheitan are released between sunset and end of dusk.”

What is the ultimate goal of the Sheitan?

The ultimate goal of the Sheitan is for the targeted human to completely disbelieve in God and ultimately commit suicide because those who commit suicide intentionally are permanently out of the mercy of god. Other goals include divorce, refraining from marriage, homosexuality and faithlessness.

Could Someone stay untreated for the rest of their lives?

Yes, it happens despite being rare. For the faithful believers, Allah tests their patience in order to maximize the reward. They learn how to cope with it. They learn what to say in order to prevent deterioration. They continue to succeed and lead a happy, healthy life.

How should I treat discolorations, scratches and skin peelings that appear after being inflicted?

First check with your medical doctor. Then, Use Honey primarily or olive oil. Pour some quality honey in a small dish. Put it very close to your mouth and start reciting Surat Al-Fatiha, Al-Falaq, Al-Nass, Al-Ikhlas and Ayat Al-Korsi 7 times each. Let your breath during the recitation blow air on the honey throughout the recitation. Apply it then on the affected spots. These spots will eventually disappear inshallah. In addition, a Hijama practitioner can assess if these spots qualify for Hijama.

Why are there too many conflicting treatment programs?

“Someone was told to read surat Yaseen, someone else was told to read surat Al-Jinn, someone recommended reading surat Al-Saafat… etc. They all agree that repetition has to very high in number. Why are there too many conflicting treatment programs?”

Exactly.. Just now you got the point. Scholars explain that the entire book of Quran is a Ruqia. The point is that it is Allah who gives the cure. The cure is in his words. Whichever way you take, you will not go wrong. Just be in a frequent remembrance of Allah with your heart and tongue together, while reciting His own words. The remembrance must include the tongue and not be only by the heart.

Can Hijama tell me exactly what is wrong with me and remove it?

It very rare to find a Hijama practitioners who can diagnose spiritual disorders through the blood of Hijama. Even those Hijama practitioners can’t exactly pinpoint the type of spiritual disorder present. They can tell you that something is wrong in a general sense. As for removing the spiritual disorder, it is mainly though Ruqia. In some cases, Hijama can remove or weaken the harm of Iyen or Jinn but it is not a guaranteed outcome. So watch out for those Raqi’s and Hijama Practitioners who guarantee results.

Doesn’t diagnosing people with Iyen and Hassad contradict modern science?

No, It does not contradict modern science. For example, Autoimmune diseases are based on multiple factors like genetic disposition, immune system and environmental factors. Autoimmune diseases could stay dormant for years but you wonder what triggers autoimmune disease to execute its pathological path. It was dormant and could have stayed dormant forever. In some cases it could be triggered by Iyen and Hassad. So visit your doctor, take your medicine but also fortify yourself spiritually by seeking the power of Allah.

How can I learn more about the types of Jinn, Sihrr and the way they work?

DO NOT. Do not learn more than what Allah and his messenger taught us. The less you know, the better. Allah and his prophet has given you the cure and all what you need to know. Do not seek more knowledge outside of Quran and sunnah. More than that, you will only hear contradicting information that can’t be verified. You will further confuse yourself and delay your healing.

How do people lose their faith because of Sihrr, Iyen & Hassad?

A lot of people in the beginning think I can fix it easily. I will say I seek refuge in Allah and read some Quran and the problem will be over. However, they sometimes get worse or stay untreated. They try again and again but fail. Sheitan makes this person feel one of  two things. They may feel that Quran is not effective or they may feel like God has given up on them. Either way they lose their faith.

The root causes of their failure are: 1- Ignorance, they are not well equipped with knowledge on how to fight off Jinn. If a man keeps telling you to do wrong things, you could read the entire book of Quran on them and they will not be affected. However, Jinn on the other hand eventually get affected by Quran. 2- People underestimate the evil Sheitan and infidel Jinn. Not all Jinn are the same, just like humans. Jinn differ in their ranks and levels of power. Some Jinn even have slaves that work for them.

What if I stalled in my fight against Sihrr, Sheitan and Hassad and Iyen?

A few things can work in your favor. Hajj, Omrah, Sadaqah (charity) and sacrificing animals for the sake of Allah to the poor and needy.

Why is it important to make Nafth during or after recitation?

Yanfuth: From (Nafth) to blow air in the hand or on an object like honey from the mouth after and during reciting verses of the Quran, some scholars said, accompanied by slight droplets of saliva.

Because in Chapter Al-Nass, Allah said to seek refuge from those who blow (Nafathat, from Nafth) in the knots (in order to apply evil magic). So, Raqi’s seek to reverse magic using the technique of Nafth while reciting verses of the Quran.

What if I don’t speak Arabic?  you are not alone. Majority of Muslims are not Arabs. Listen then to the recorded verses of Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Baqarah and Ayat Al-Korsi and you will gradually learn how to say them. Listen to them while reading the translation or the subtitles. Continue to listen even if you vomit blood, notice an unusual shiver, feel pain or pass out temporarily. Some people will not experience anything but they will notice the next day that the Sheitan is finally out of the body.

Common mistake people do beside not being consistent is that, when they feel that the Ruqia is causing them adverse reaction, they stop or take a break. Do not ever do that. If you feel choked, pain or whatever else, that is because Sheitan is being tortured and it is about to leave. If you take a break, your work almost goes in vein and becomes useless. Other people say, the right thing to do to have mercy on the Sheitan… Wrong. Mercy is only for humans (of any religion, faith, race) and for animals but never for Sheitan. Passive listening is not as effective. Ponder over the meanings.

Can I do my recitations and Athkar while working and moving around?

Yes. You sure can recite as much as you wish while working, walking, cleaning the house, cooking, driving… etc. provided that you are in a state Chastity (meaning that you showered after you last wet dream or last intercourse experience). You must not recite Quran or do Athkar in the bathroom.

Can I do my recitations and Athkar while not being in a state of Wudua?

Yes. You sure can. However, you must be in a state of Wudua if you are going to touch or carry the physical book of Quran.

Can I recite Quran and do Athkar while on my period?

Yes, you can as long as you are not touching the physical book of Quran. However, you can read and recite Quran and Athkar from your memory or from any electronic device like a cell phone.

Can a woman give Ruqia to a man?

Restricted Yes. Only if he is a Mehrim (Father, Grand father, Father in law, Adult son, Adult grandson, Nephew, Brother and Uncle) (Coursins, like a brother or like an uncle are not acceptable) or if she is in the presence of her own Mehrim. She must also be Islamically dressed and she must not touch his body. 

Can a man give Ruqia to a woman?

Restricted Yes. As long as she has her own Mehrim (Father, Grand father, Father in law, Adult son, Adult grandson, Nephew, Brother and Uncle) physically present with her throughout the session. The male Raqi is prohibited from touching any of her body or seeing her uncovered.

Regarding the content on this site, whatever is good and true, it is from Allah alone and whatever is wrong or misleading, is from my myself and sheitan.

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