How can I get rid of evil spirits, black magic, evil eye, Satan and negative energy?

Content religious perspective

Our content exclusively follows the teachings of the Islamic faith based on believing in God, the One Lord “Allah” in accordance with the Sunni Muslim Majority. The guidance below stems from “There is no God but Allah, and that Muhammed his final prophet and messenger to mankind and that Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed are the honored, humble slaves of the One God, Allah.

Prophet Muhammed: Evil eye is real and if something would over write destiny, it would be evil eye.

First, let us start with some basic definitions

Jinn: There are 2 types of Jinn. First kind is a believer in God, they will rarely do any harm. Second type is (Sheitan/Devil) that inhibits the earth but unseen by humans, capable of assuming various forms like dogs, snakes or even humans in very brief appearances. It is capable of whispering in your ears and make you believe that these are your own thoughts and revelations.

Sheitan: Satan, “the Devil”. Repel Jinn that have dedicated their lives to tempting and harming mankind. Sheitan was mentioned in Quran 80 times while Iblis, the father of all Sheitan, was mentioned in the Quran 11 times.

Sihr: (black magic) is made by a person who is an infidel to dedicate a (Jinn/devil) to possess the body, soul and mind to make one feel sick, hate someone or even themselves, become suicidal etc.)

Hassad: to be consumed with jealousy and hatred, wishing a person to be deprived from the bliss of Allah such as money, health, success. Hassad could apply on things the jealous person can’t see and things that did not happen yet. Iyen is a type of Hassad.

Iyn/ Iyen: (admiring eye or evil eye)  It could mean looking at something you admire, without necessarily having ill-intention, to the point that you unintentionally Jinx this bliss. It also could be an evil eye because Iyn is a form of Hassad.

Ruqya (Ruqia): Verses of Quran and prayers taught by prophet Muhammed, recited on a person impacted by Sihr or Iyn with the purpose of fortifying them against this type of evil. It helps expel bad spirits, negative energy and combat the devil.

Raqi: a person specialized in performing Ruqya.

Athkar: It is a combination of Quranic verses, Prayers and Praises to Allah that has been reported to be stated by prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad guaranteed that whoever recites the Moring Athkar, Evening Athkar and Bedtime Athkar will be fortified and fully protected by Allah, the Ultimate Creator, against all type of evil whether from within or from outside. There are a larger number of free Athkar Applications online in the App Store. They are available in Arabic, English and almost in any language.

Wudua: Washing hands, your face, arms (a little past your elbow), wiping your hair with water, and feet in preparation for standing in front of Allah to do your prayers.

These are some translated versus from Quran that guide our understanding of the relationship between Man and Sheitan:

1- “Indeed the plots of Sheitan are weak”

2- “That is only Sheitan who frightens [you] of his supporters. So fear them not, but fear me [Allah], if you are indeed believers”

3- “But they [Sheitan] do not harm anyone through it

 [magic] except by the permission of Allah”

4- “Indeed, you [Sheitan] have no authority over my servants except those of the deviants who follow you”

5- “And hence if you get whispers from the devil, to stir you up, then seek refuge in Allah, He [Allah] is all-hearing, all-knowing”

How does Hijama help against Sihr?

The harm caused by Jinn possession ends when you are treated by making Ruqia to yourself or by a Muslim scholar specialized in removing Jinn via Ruqya and when the substance of Sihr inside the body is removed via a specialized HijamaPractitioner, vomiting or emptying the bowels in the bathroom.

Some times Jinn leaves the body right before Hijama is performed or even during Hijama if the Hijama Practitioner places the cups on the areas of the body where the Jinn knots are. If the Possession with Jinn did not resolve before Hijama, Hijama could end up hurting the jinn itself. This is why sometimes people who have active jinn obsession experience shaking, screaming or faint during Hijama. It is all from the effect of Jinn as it tries to scare the patient away from doing Hijama or Ruqya. When the cups are placed on the areas where the jinn is, the Jinn could make this person feel pain after Hijama as a way of keeping this person scared away from repeating Hijama.

In an authentic statement (Hadith) by prophet Muhammed, “The devil runs inside the son of Adam, wherever his blood flows.” This is why after Jinn possession ends, it leaves behind harmful substances inside the body that is felt in the form of aches in the nerves, muscles, blood vessels etc. If the Hijama cup is placed on the right spots where the jinn left these harmful substances, it will come out with the blood of Hijama. Hijama removes various types of black magic as in the case of eaten, drunk, smelt or sprayed Sihr. Once Sihr enters the body, it spreads through the blood to various body organs, especially the areas sihr was intended for. When the treatment is complete, the victim of Sihr will typically start vomiting or experience a diarrhea as means of clearing the body of any remainder of the black magic.

As for the effect of Hijama on Iyen (Evil Eye), Iyen tends to be more localized in the body. Hijama can alleviate the damage of the Evil Eye unless it has caused permanent damage beforehand.

How to identify a scam Raqi?

An honest Raqi will not give you rings, necklaces, amulets or talismans to protect you, even if it only contains Quran. They do not need your full name, your mom’s name, date of birth or any of your personal belongings. They can’t tell you who set up the sihr for you. An Islamic Raqi will not present himself as a spiritual Healer. They won’t make claims like reversing divorce. They will not ask for a picture of your body organs. A legitimate Raqi, memorizes Quran by heart. He will not touch or write on the patient’s body. Note: the fact that some Raqi may know your symptoms by heart, to the point that they can tell you the symptoms you forgot to mention, does not mean that they will be able to treat you. They understand you, they know how you feel.. But they do not always know what to do about it. They will provide you with a program to follow, then the program does not work. They then update your treatment program, you keep following up. You could spend the rest of your life in this circle.

But Still, Why should I avoid them if they can heal me? Because they will not heal you. They may even put more Jinn in your way so they can blackmail you further for money. In some cases, consensual sexual exploitation occurs. That is not to say that there are honest, expert Raqi’s out there who can really help, but it could take years to find the one.

Hint: Undereducated, superstitious Hijama practitioners usually blame everything they don’t understand on Sihr. For example when somebody experiences vasovagal syncope, nausea and vomiting during Hijama they call it Metaphysical forces. These types of practitioners are either ignorant or liars. In both cases they should be completely avoided. When it comes to Ruqia, in my personal opinion, the Raqi needs to be physically present with you. They need to feel the vibrations and heat in your body. They need to monitor your eye movement and listen to changes in your voice. Online Raqi’s are not as effective. In addition, if a Raqi makes you come over and over again for many visits while you experience no improvement, they could scamming you for money.

Should I get Hijama first or Ruqia?

Definitely, always start with Ruqia and then follow it up with Hijama soon after. Always tell your Hijama Practitioner, a day in advance, if you have Sihr before he starts working on you. This will give the Hijama Practitioner the opportunity to fortify himself with Athkar before he starts. Also, the Hijama Practitioner will tweak the treatment plan to focus on points that will help remove the evil effect of Sihr left over by the Jinn. It is NOT recommended to combine both Hijama and Ruqia in the same session.

Could Sheitan/ Jinn make me sick during or after Hijama? (Translated speech of Sheikh Ahmed Hifny, may Allah have mercy on his deceased soul)

Some people may feel sick after Hijama as in a couple of weeks, or a couple days or a couple of hours post Hijama. When someone feels sick after a week or 2, it is because of evil eye. There are 2 types of evil eye. Deliberate and Undeliberate. Deliberate evil eye is when someone wishes that the gift/ blessing that someone else enjoys is void and compromised. This is relatively rare.

The undeliberate evil eye is when someone mentions a gift or blessing without referring this gift/ blessing to the Ultimate Giver, Creator… God “Allah”. Example: My son is strong. Versus, God made my son strong.

Another Example of referring the blessing to the Lord to prevent evil eye: “Maryam has been sick for years, but after she got Hijama she felt much better MashAllah (As God has determined). In this case, Evil Jinn cannot hurt this person. When you get Hijama do not tell people that you are cured, It is enough to say that you are better.

Some people will feel sick a couple of days after Hijama. If you get Hijama on the upper part of your body, you should rest for 24 hours. Do not forget to rest also emotionally and psychologically. If Hijama involves the lower half of your body, rest for 48 hours. Your hormones, enzymes and glands have been impacted by Hijama. What is concerning, is when a patient feel significantly better after Hijama so they work or exercise too hard.

Some patients, a couple of hours after Hijama, will experience pain, fatigue and discomfort. They become almost disabled after Hijama. The patient should be asked whether not he see nightmares. If he gets nightmares, this means that Jinn are after him. Hijama hurts Jinn and removes their poison from the body. Hijama can even get the Jinn itself outside of the body. So, since Hijama hurts the Jinn, the Jinn works on scaring the patient away from Hijama. Hijama’s process involves scratches and bleeding. How can such an act cause on going pain and complications despite being performed according to the medical guidelines by a medical doctor?

Sometime evil Jinn go after the individual who performs Hijama. When the patient is targeted by Jinn, Jinn makes the patient lose consciousness during Hijama. It could also make the patient appear as if they are dead. Sometimes the patient will have bubbles come out of his mouth as a further proof by the jinn that Hijama must stop immediately and should not be performed again. Everyone would start blaming the Hijama Practitioner. The result is that the Hijama Practitioner will not do Hijama again to this patient. Jinn could trigger symptoms for diseases that the patient does not even have in the first place; to the point that when the patient goes to run blood work or a scan. The numbers would be off and would indicate fake disease state. The makes physicians lose confidence in themselves and in modern medicine. So always ask the patient if they have had jinn issues even if it is something old from a while ago.

The solution for both the Hijama Practitioner and the patient is to smile with confidence and keep calm. This confidence scares away and frustrates the jinn. If somebody suffers from harm caused by Jinn, they should be treated by a Raqi first before getting Hijama. Prophet Muhammed used to seek refuge in Allah against the evil eyes of humans and from Jinn. When the Moaothat (Surat Al-Falaq and Surat Al-Nass) verses were revealed to the prophet, He used them to fortify himself against the Jinn and he forfeited everything else he used to used previously. If you are hurt by the Jinn, honestly share this information with the Hijama practitioner. Prepare yourself by reading the Moaothat for a week or ten days prior to Hijama. Read them daily for 50 times or 100 times a day or even more. Every time you recite them, start with “A’aouzo billah min Alshaytan arajeem”.

Recite loudly with confidence. After you finish each recitation, act as if you are spitting on Sheitan, 3 times around you especially on your left side. If you keep repeating this recitation this way, Jinn, will not be able to withstand this. It is preferrable that the patient is the one who recites this. If the patient can’t, someone else can read them for the patient and at the very least the patient can listen to a recording. When Ruqia is performed sincerely, Jinn shrinks and eventually diminish. It will come out easily with Hijama or even without it. This is the main cure for Jinn. You could also add, drinking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Again, I emphasize that Smiling with confidence by both the patient, the Hijama Practitioner and everyone else in the room, even if it is a fake smile. A smiling person is a strong, satisfied and believing slave of god. This means that the jinn can’t play mind games on the patient, and they can’t make the patient go to a scammer who will pretend like they can fix him up, when they are after money. The family of the patient should repeat saying that they are not in rush for a quick cure. This makes the jinn get desperate and leave the patient.

How can I do Ruqya for myself before bedtime?

The best way is to follow the path of prophet Mohammed. It is narrated in an authentic hadith that when our prophet would go to bed, he would put both his palms together and recite 3 verses of the Quran: 1- Qul hua Allah Ahad… 2- Qul aaouz birab elnas… 3- Qul aaouz birab elfalaq…, then he would (yanfuth) blow air in his hand from his mouth, some scholars said, accompanied by slight droplets of saliva. Then, he would wipe his head, face and as much as he can from the front of his body. He would repeat this process 3 times, in each time he would recite all 3 verses. On his death bed, when he could not do that, he asked his wife, Aisha, to do that for him. In addition, Recite the last 2 verses of the Cow Chapter “Surah AlBaqarah” every night. Prophet Muhammed said “The Almighty Glorious Allah wrote a book wrote thousand years before He created the heavens and the earth, He revealed down 2 versus from this book, by which He concluded Surah AlBaqarah, No Sheitan would settle in a house at which these versus are recited for 3 nights according to a hadith.”

What do inflicted patients feel specifically during Ruqia?

It is different from one person to the other depending on the kind of adversary they are being harmed with. Inflicted patients typically experience excessive yawning, shivers mostly in the hands and feet, tingling, stinging, uncontrolled crying and screaming, increased pulse like movement that are experienced internally in random body parts, and vomiting.

General Remarks:

  • Your medical doctor must clear you first of any physical or psychiatric disease so that you do not misdiagnose your disease for Sheitan.
  • Suppress your yawing in the first place but if you fail, then cover your mouth.
  • Do not stop your scheduled recitations and Athkar. Sheitan goes dormant to give you the feeling that you are cured and then patients experience a set back which makes them eventually get frustrated and give up.
  • It is better if you recite Ruqia, Quran and Athkar by yourself, than listening to Ruqia. Make sure your recitation is audible and uninterrupted. Be in a state of Wudua and listen with your heart and mind in order for Ruqia to be effective.
  • It is always easier to protect yourself, house and family from Sheitan, than going through the battle of kicking him out of your body.
  • Prophet Muhammed said “Whoever visits a patient, whose time of death did not come due yet, and says (I ask Allah the great, the Lord of the great throne to heal you) {as’alullaah-al-‛aẓeem rabbal-‛arshil-‛aẓeem an yashfiyak} 7 times, Allah will grant this patient healing from this disease)
  • Sheitan is described by Allah and his prophet as “Khannas” meaning that it contracts, diminishes away, fades away, shrinks and gets weaker. So when it is in a state of “Khans”, this does not always mean that it is gone, it could still there but dormant.
  • The longer you have the harm the longer it could be to get out of it.
  • Do not blame wrong doings and sins on Sheitan. Sheitan can whisper in your ear but God has created you with an over-ride mode that makes you only in full control.
  • Majority, if not all, of the voices and whispers that you may hear are only from Sheitan. Even if it commands you to do good, it is only to gain your trust and then it gradually turns evil.
  • When you see a snake or a solid black dog, realize that they could be Jinn taking the form of this animal. This is not to say that every snake or solid black dog is a Jinn.
  • It is not always one Sheitan that inhibits the body. It could be a number of them.
  • When you get stuck in your fight against Sheitan, remember that generous Zakah or Sadaqah (charity given to the poor like Muslim orphans and widows) will get you back on your feet quickly and with little effort on your part.
  • During the holy month of Ramadan the powerful Repel Sheitan are chained up. The remainder of  Sheitan will be weakened but still up and running.

What type of Sheitan is the most common?

The majority of inflicted victims are due to what is so called (Sheitan El-Hassad). This happens when your have been exposed to Hassad, through which damage, the Sheitan sneaks inside the body. Unfortunately, it is most common among females who tend to exaggerate their looks, as when going to a wedding party or dinner, which creates an upspoken beauty contest, which inadvertently causes jealousy that leads to Hassad. In the case of Sheitan El-Hassad, the battle is long and requires perseverance. Getting rid of this Sheitan is gradual, it or they, will first get weaker then eventually leave. If you stop your Athkar, recitation and life style changes, because you feel improvement, Sheitan will get stronger and you will have start all over again.

What if I did the above but I am still have troubles during my sleep. Why am I not protected? Here is the answer: You do not know if something negative is left on your bed from Sheitan. So while are not present, Sheitan may have left something invisible to trouble you in your sleep on your bed. Prophet Muhammed stated in an authentic Hadith “When you go to bed, use your under shirt to dust off your bed because you do not know what occupied your bed after you. Then say: “In the name of Allah, I lay down on my side and in His name I get up. If you (God), hold my soul (as in death), then have mercy on my soul and if you (God) release my soul then guard it as you guard your righteous slaves.””

Realize the difference between getting protection for your self and your home when are well and treatment on the other side. Protection in general is much much easier than the process of getting Sheitan out, after it has already settled in the body, which requires much more effort.

What if I have forgotten all of that and now, I have gotten up in the middle of my sleep in panic because I have seen an evil nightmare and I am worried that it could happen in real life. Prophet Muhammed taught us “A good dream is from Allah, an evil nightmare is from Sheitan. If you see something you do not like in your sleep, Spit 3 times on your left side (without saliva or with very little droplets) and say I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of what your have seen. Do not share this nightmare with anyone. But if you see what you like, then get your hopes up and share it only who you love.”

In addition, when you recite the entire Ayat Alkorsee (the verse of the throne) in surah Al-Baqarah (The chapter of the Cow) you will be protected by Allah till the moment you wake up. If you get up to use the bathroom for example, you will have to re-recite Ayat Alkorsee again.

Prophet Muhammed said “Whoever says, I seek refuge in the name of Allah. With whose name no harm could occur in the heavens or the earth” 3 times, no harm will occur to him/her””

Prophet Muhammed said  He was taught these words by Angel Jibril “I seek refuge in the in the wholeness of the words of Allah whose words could never be trespassed by any good doer or evil doer that Allah created, or by anything that comes down from skies or passes through it or by any that he created on earth or comes out of it, or from the evils of day and night or from anyone who knocks, except for someone who knocks to bring good. You are my merciful lord”

What are the symptoms of being inflicted with Magic or Sheitan?

Before we cover this point, it is important to avoid self diagnosis. Do not be superstitious that you would mix disease states like fibromyalgia, neuropathy or schizophrenia with Sheitan and Sihr. Speak to your doctor and to your psychiatrist first and foremost. Symptoms: Convulsive, sudden and irregular movement in random areas of your body (twitches), Excessive, unusual yawning, Suicidal thoughts, Depression, Nightmares where you see things like ugly faces, black dogs or snakes. Symptoms also include Panic attacks. Loss of libido, specially toward your spouse. Moving pain or numbness in the calves and feet area. Fear, anger or crying while listening to Ruqia. Bloating, gas and constipation despite being cleared by their medical doctor from gastrointestinal or psychiatric issues, Obsessive compulsive disorder.

This is not to say that everyone who experience any of the above is inflicted by Sheitan.

Nugget: Know that what you are feeling is true. You are not hallucinating. You may get misdiagnosed with anxiety and various psychotic disorders. Do not get disappointed if you feel that people around you can’t understand what you are going though. It is enough to know that Allah knows. Know that by the end of this, you will be much closer to Allah and you will be a better believer than ever before.

Some people tend to deny what they do not know. They link the Truth to a person they already know and trust. But when the Truth comes from somebody they don’t know, they deny it altogether.

Recommended lifestyle changes:

  1. Understand that repetition for an extended time of Ruqia and Athkar is important. In this case, it is recommended to repeat Al-Fatihah, El-Nass, El-Falaq, Al-Korsee a minimum of 7 times each.
  2. Do not stop your Athakar even if you feel better. 
  3. You Must not listen Music or singing.
  4. Do not walk naked around the house. A vacant house or room are only vacant in your eyes.
  5. Do not let dogs into your house.
  6. No statues are allowed in your house.
  7. Do not hang pictures of animals, fish or people, whether they are photos or hand made.
  8. Eat and drink with your right hand and say “Bismellah” (In the name of Allah” before you eat or drink because Sheitan eats along with you.
  9. Cover your mouth fully when you yawn because Sheitan gets inside of you then.
  10. Enter your house with your right foot first and say “Bimellah” (In the name of Allah) because Sheitan get in to your house with you if you do not say that.
  11. Recite, or at the very least listen to, Quran daily in your house, preferable while pondering over its meanings.
  12. Do not share with anyone that you are being harmed by Jinn or Sheitan, specially the nightmares. That lets Sheitan know that you are hurting and they will further hurt you more.
  13. Say “Bimellah” (in the name of Allah) when you are naked or changing your clothes. That blocks their eyes from seeing your private parts. Yes, sometimes Jinn develop an obsession with humans.
  14. Say before intercourse with your spouse (May Allah shield us from Sheitan and ban the Sheitan from enjoying what You have given us.)
  15. BE STUBBORN, every single time you feel being hurt by Sheitan at night, get up, make Wudua, and pray 2 Rakae’s to Allah. Specially when you are in the midst of your sleep. Sheitan may then wait for you to finish praying and then come back to bother you. Keep getting up, making Wudua and praying 2 Rakae’s even if you have to repeat doing this many times at night. 
  16. Do not be a solo rider. Ibn Omar reported that prophet Muhammed discouraged men of living or traveling alone. (this applies to females as well)
  17. Do not go to sleep laying down on your stomach. Start laying down on your right side and then change your position to your comfort.
  18. Use a water bidet at home after using the bathroom to clean yourself.
  19. Drink honey, apple cider vinegar, eat dates, olive oil and black seed oil. Take Indian Costus and Senna tablets. They are all highly recommended by prophet Muhammed in general.
  20. Apply dark Musk and Oud oil scents, these smells are the most hated by Sheitan.
  21. Keep your surroundings like home, office, shop, store.. etc. organized and clean and smelling good. Angels refrain from visiting dirty smelling places while Sheitan gets attracted to such places.
  22. Take cold showers. it was the command of Allah to Prophet Ayoub in Quran when he was harmed by the Sheitan.
  23. Recite, or at least listen to Surah Al-Baqarah, at least once every 3 days. It voids magic and ejects Sheitan out of the body eventually and out of the house.
  24. Do not throw heavy items or boiling water suddenly anywhere unless you say first “BismAllah” (in the name of Allah) as this phrase alerts Jinn in the area to avoid harm.
  25. Do not sing in the bathroom or talk unless it is a necessity.
  26. Always shut closed the bathroom door after using it. It should not be left open.
  27. When you get negative thoughts, Say “I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Sheitan” and then spit on your left side 3 times.
  28. Make Wudua every time you lose your Wudua state. Also make sure to go to bed in a state of Wudua.
  29. Fold down the clothes (that are not in your closet) in your bedroom when you go to sleep, instead of hanging them. Sheitan wears them when they are on a hanger.
  30. Prophet Muhammed Stated “Cover up your food filled dishes, cover your drink filled cups, close your doors and put out open flames. Sheitan cannot uncover your cups, open a closed door or uncover a dish. If you can’t find a cover, then at least cover it with the like of a wooden stick while saying Bimellah (in the name of Allah); a mouse can set a house on fire.”
  31. Download an Athan application on your cell phone, so you do not miss listening to it. Abu Huraira narrated that prophet Muhammed said “When the Athan (call of Muslim prayer) is called, the sheitan flees while breaking wind, When the Athan is over, it comes back. When the Iqamah (announcing the beginning of prayers) is called, it flees. When the Iqamah is over, it comes back again. It then whispers in one’s heart, Remember this, remember that, things that were not occurring in his mind, to the point that a man would not know what he prayed.”
  32. Do not ever watch porn or porn-like media. This is more important more than you could ever think. Porn will weaken you spiritually to a point you can’t imagine.
  33. Realize that social media can destroy your life. Do not share every happy moment on Facebook. Do not live in a glass house. Despite the likes and the happy comments, some people get jealous inside and harm others via Hassad and Iyen.

The above points are based on Ahadeeth of prophet Muhammed. we are giving you the gest of what he said.

Why can’t I get rid of sheitan despite getting Ruqia?

Here is where some people could start losing faith. It is because they lack knowledge. There is a preconceived notion that when one gets Ruqia, Sheitan jumps of him and then this person can resume normal life. Ruqia will torture and burn Sheitan to a degree but not always kill it immediately. According to the Ahadeeth of Prophet Muhammed Jinn, are not the same. There are 4 different types of Jinn. They are different in creation and characteristics. Some of them are strong and can withstand the Ruqia to a degree for a certain duration more than others. However, some of them can withstand the Ruqia for a very long time. That is because Sheitan builds (knots) inside the body. There knots are places that shields them from the Ruqia. This is why some people could improve at the end of the Ruqia but experience a setback a little while later. There are 2 things that can destroy these knots: Reciting Surah Al-Falaq, Surah Al-Baqarah and Hijama. Some people go as far as reciting Surah Al-Falaq hundreds of times a day for many days and cure themselves without even going to a Raqi. Listen to Ruqia in your sleep every night and let it loop over and over again through out the night. In the beginning, the sound should be very low until you are used to it playing in the background and then you can raise it up a little.

Prophet Muhammed stated “When one of you goes to sleep, Sheitan ties 3 knots at the back of his head, Sheitan stamps each knot with “It is a long night, sleep”, but when you get up and remember Allah, one knot breaks, when you make Wudua, another knot breaks and when you pray a knot breaks, you would get up then active and well-spirited otherwise you would get up lazy with an ill-spirited”.

I want to get rid of Sheitan but I do not have time

You have to put in the time and effort, then use technology. Wear a Bluetooth on your left ear and play your recitations and Athkar on a low volume from your cell phone constantly.

Do none Muslims experience harm from Sheitan as well?

Yes, at a much higher rate.

Does Allah protect Muslims against this harm?

Yes, but only if they follow his straight path they can get out of the traps of Sheitan. They must avoid sins like earning corrupt money, dressing in seductive fashion in public, giving false testimony, fornication, consuming Alcohol, back biting.. etc.

Why do I struggle more in the evening?

Humans are more active during day time however Sheitan is more active in the after sunset. Prophet Muhammed said “When it gets dark or when it is evening time, hold your kids inside, that is because Sheitan are spreading at that time. When an hour has passed, release them.” Prophet Muhammed also said: “Do not release your cattle or kids when the sun sets, until the dusk time ends, because Sheitan are released between sunset and end of dusk.”

What is the ultimate goal of the Sheitan?

The ultimate goal of the Sheitan is for the targeted human to completely disbelieve in God and ultimately commit suicide because those who commit suicide intentionally are permanently out of the mercy of god.

Why am I going through this?

It is not an easy trial. You could lose your trust in Allah which leads to losing faith and being void. Your enemy is invisible, evil and spiteful. Holding stead on your faith will elevate your status because the pain and inconvenience your suffer though atones for your sins. A rule in Islam that Allah set forth in Quran is “Allah does burden a soul beyond its ability”. If you go through, that means that your creator knows you can withstand it. Reward time for your good deeds is coming but not in this life. Do not think because you make good deeds and pray that we will not get tested with hardships. We are only here to be tested over and over again. This world is not were believers settle. Your home is in the heavens, where we will have physical pleasure like food, drink and sex, beside the spiritual ones. You will settle back there again where you father Adam has started. Going though this experience can either make us much closer to God or faithless disbelievers. If every time you have a problem, you pray to Allah and He instantly responds, then where is your test? Allah said “I never created Jinn and Man except for the soul purpose of worshiping me”. Part of worship is to drive through calamites with your faith on. Even when this trial ends, there will be another trial, may it is going to be your neighbor, your boss.. May be it is going to be this accident or this loss. Calamities will put to test your patience and belief. You see, hardships never end. It might feel like this is too much but look at this way: if you live to be a hundred years old and then you die and start your eternal life in either heavens or hell. Any number divided by infinity is equal to 0. So both your pleasures and your struggles will be reduced to nothing when compared to eternity. Some wonder, why am I going through this when others who are much worse than I am, are not going though it. That is not your choice or your question to ask. We are like students in a final exam. Each student is a given a exam sheet that has certain number of problems different than the other students. God is fair, do not step into his decisions. If we do, will run out of time while we are resentful and then we will fail. Stay focused and positive and work on your problems with gratitude.

Ibn Abbas narrated that Prophet Muhammed told him “Young man, let me teach a few words. Be mindful of Allah and He will protect you. Be mindful of Allah and He will be mindful of you. If you ask, then ask Allah. If you seek help, then seek help form Allah. Know well that if the nation would gather to benefit you with something, they wouldn’t be able to benefit you with anything unless Allah has decreed it for you. And if they would gather to harm you with something, they would not harm you with anything unless Allah decreed it upon you. The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried.”

Jabir Ibn Abdellah narrated that Prophet Muhammed said “No slave would turn into a believer, unless he believes that good and bad Destiney is from Allah and unless he knows that what hit him would not have missed him and what missed him, would not have hit him.”

Abu Huraira narrated that Prophet Muhammed said “A strong believer is better and closer to Allah than a weak believer. Seek what benefits you in every permissible good. Ask Allah for help and don’t be crippled. If something wrong happens, do not say If I would have done so and so. But rather say: Allah has done whatever He has decreed, because the word If triggers the actions of sheitan.”

What is the most impactful solution to get rid of Sheitan, Jinn, Iyen and Sihrr?

First, let us understand that we are applying therapy on a spiritual disorder. There is no blood work or X-Ray that will tell us what type of disorder someone has. When the Sheitan resides inside of someone, the therapy is completely different that when you applying a shield against the outside Sheitan. The experimental approach has been applied by Muslim scholars in the past 1400 years. You can be experimental as long as the therapy still comes from Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed and never contradict them. Otherwise the patient will not be cured and his faith will be voided, which makes the patient an easy prey for sheitan.

Second, It is much better to do the Ruqia for yourself by yourself, not by a Raqi. Why? Allah said: “Who addresses a distressed soul that calls on its lord and who alleviates the harm”.  It is Allah that cures the patient, not the Ruqia. It is Allah not the words. The laws of mechanics do not apply here. Scholars have explained that it is better to not go to a Raqi. Why? the patient has a compelling necessity while the Raqi does not. This compelling necessity attaches the patient’s heart to its creator and grants him the answer of Allah to his prayers.

Third, Some people could suffer through this for 10 or 20 years or even longer while others get rid of it in a day or two. It is easy to get rid of Sheitan but there is hard-work involved in the process. Sheitan is whispering in your ears from the inside of you, not from the outside. Yet, it is possible that You could struggle for years and recover in a day.

Surat Al-Baqarah is the cure it all solution for anything and everything spiritual no matter what type of adversary you struggle with. Recite daily. In the beginning, it will feel that it is long but later on, it will get much easier. Recite Surat Al-Baqarah twice daily or listen to the entire surah in a single session while pondering over its translated meanings. It is available on Youtube translated with the subtitles. Prophet Muhammed said “Do not let your houses be graves. Sheitan is actually repulsed from houses were Surat Al-Baqarah is recited.”

It is stated in the book of Bukhari and book of Muslim that Prophet Muhammed said “Whoever says ‘There is no god but Allah, alone, without any partner. The Kingdom and praise belong to Him and He has power over everything’ (La ilaha illa’llah, wahdahu la sharika lah, lahu’l mulku wa lahu’l hamd, wa huwa ala kulli shay’in qadir) one hundred times a day, it is the same for him as freeing ten slaves, One hundred good actions are written for him and one hundred wrong actions are erased from his chart, and it is a protection for him from Sheitan for that day until the night. No-one does anything more excellent than what this person did except for someone who repeats this statement more than that.”

Ayat Alkorsi (a verse in the Cow chapter). Prophet Muhammed described as the greatest verse in Quran. It contains the graceful names of Allah and his characteristics. It talks about Allah’s throne and his power over the entire universe. Recite it non stop for a thousand times (or even some number close to that).

Repetition is the only solution. Think of it this way: If you have to finish a task in the dark. You turn on the lamp. You will only be able to see and finish your task, for as long as the lamp is on. The fact that the lamp was on and you were able to see yesterday, does not mean you will be able to see tonight without it.

Dedicate yourself to reciting Ayat Al-Korsi so many times. Around a thousand times. The number is not necessarily a thousand. It could be even less, everyone is different and every Sheitan is different but still around this figure. Dedicate the time even if you have to take off of work. Prepare yourself. Do not eat heavily before the recitations. Turn off your cell phone. Coordinate with your spouse this quiet time. If you struggle with Sihrr, then recite Ayat Al-Korsi a thousand times. If you struggle with Hassad, then recite surat Al-Falaq a thousand times. This type of recitation has to be very quick in nature. Do not spend too much time on what type of Sheitan is inside of you or even why. Set your eyes on Ruqia.

You could also repeat the above explained Thikr (La ilaha illa’llah, wahdahu la sharika lah, lahu’l mulku wa lahu’l hamd, wa huwa ala kulli shay’in qadir) a thousand times. Make sure that nothing interrupts you at all. Use the bathroom first, make Wudua and get your cup of coffee and bottle of water and get ready to start. Once again, this is the ultimate universal solution for anything evil inside of you, No Exception!! I do not care what type of magic or for how long you had it, this way of Ruqia will work inshallah. Note, no money is involved at all, no human other than yourself is involved at all. No one here is asking you to click like, share and subscribe. 

If you do not speak Arabic, you are not alone. Most people do not. Then listen to the recorded versus of Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Baqarah and Ayat Al-Korsi and you will gradually learn how to say them. Listen to them while reading the translation or the subtitles. Continue no matter what, even if you vomit blood, notice an unusual shiver, feel pain or pass out temporarily. Some people will not experience anything but they will notice the next day that the Sheitan is finally out of the body.

The biggest mistake people do beside not being consistent is that, when they feel that the Ruqia is causing them adverse reaction, they stop or take a break. Do not ever do that. If you feel choked, pain or whatever else, that is because Sheitan is being tortured and it is about to leave. If you take a break, your work almost goes in vein and becomes useless. Other people say, the right thing to do to have mercy on the Sheitan… Wrong. Mercy is only for humans (of any religion, faith, race) and for animals but never for Sheitan.

In the case Sheitan has been in the body for long, you might need to repeat the above program for another day or even to a week. Again, fighting an inside sheitan that settled inside the body is completely different than fighting sheitan on the outside of the body. If the type of Sheitan you got is too strong, and you are not improving past a certain point, then stack up on the recommendations above. Combine Surat Al-Baqarah, with Ayat Al-Korsi, with Moaothat, with the Akhar. Keep the fight on. You will win. Make Duaa to Allah. He listens, He sees, He knows, He is merciful and He will answer your prayers.

Regarding the content on this site, whatever is good and true, it is from Allah alone and whatever is wrong or misleading, is from my myself and sheitan.