What is the effect of Hijama on Sihr, Jinn and Satan?

Prophet Muhammed stated in a Hadith: “Evil eye is real and if something would over write destiny, it would be the evil eye.”

First, let us start with some basic definitions

Jinn: There are 2 types of Jinn. First kind is a believer in God, they will do no harm.  Second type is (Satan/Devil) that inhibits the earth but unseen by humans, capable of assuming various forms like dogs, snakes or even humans in very brief appearances. It is capable of whispering in your ears and make you believe that these are your own thoughts and revelations.

Sihr: (black magic) is made by a person who is a non believer of God to dedicate a (Jinn/devil) to possess your body, soul and mind to make feel sick, hate someone or even yourself, become suicidal etc.)

Hassad (evil eye): Evil eye here means to be consumed with jealousy and hatred, wishing a person to be deprived from the bliss of Allah such as money, health, success..

Iyn: (admiring eye)  It could be looking at something you admire, without necessarily having ill-intention, to the point that you unintentionally Jinx this bliss.

Ruqya: Verses of Quran and Prayers taught by prophet Muhammed, recited on a person impacted by Sihr or Iyn with the purpose of fortifying them against this type of evil.

Raqi: The Imam specialized in performing Ruqya.

Athkar: It is a combination of Quranic verses, Prayers and Praises to Allah that has been reported to be stated by prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad guaranteed that whoever recites the Moring Athkar, Evening Athkar and Bedtime Athkar will be fortified and full protected by Allah, the Ultimate Creator, against all type of evil whether from within or from outside. There are a larger number of free Athkar Applications online in the App Store. They are available in Arabic, English and almost any language.

How does Hijama help against Sihr?

The harm caused by Jinn possession ends when you are treated by a Muslim scholar specialized in removing Jinn via Ruqya and when the substance of Sihr inside the body is removed via a specialized Hijama Practitioner.

Some times Jinn leaves the body right before Hijama is performed or even during Hijama if the Hijama Practitioner places the cups on the areas of the body where the Jinn resides. If the obsession with Jinn did not end before Hijama. Hijama could end up hurting the jinn itself. This is why sometimes people who have active jinn obsession shake, scream or faint during Hijama. It is all from the effect of Jinn as it tries to scare them away from doing Hijama or Ruqya. When the cups are placed on the areas where the jinn resides, the Jinn will make this person feel extreme pain after Hijama as a way of keeping this person scared away from repeating Hijama.

In an authentic statement (Hadith) by prophet Muhammed, “The devil runs inside the son of Adam, wherever his blood flows.” This is why after Jinn possession ends, it leaves behind harmful substances inside the body that is felt in the form of aches in the nerves, muscles, blood vessels etc. If the Hijama cup is placed on the right spot where the jinn left these harmful substances, it will come out with the blood of Hijama. Hijama removes various types of black magic as in the case of eaten, drunk, smelt or sprayed Sihr. Once Sihr enters the body, it spreads through the blood to various body organs, especially the areas sihr was intended for. When the treatment is complete, the victim of Sihr will typically start vomiting or experience a diarrhea as means of clearing the body of any remainder of the black magic.

As for the effect of Hijama on Iyen (Evil Eye), Iyen tends to be more localized in the body. Hijama can suction out the damage of the Evil Eye unless it has caused permanent damage beforehand.

How to identify a scam Raqi?

An honest Raqi will not give you rings, necklaces, amulets or talismans to protect you, even if it only contains Quran. They do not need your full name, your mom’s name, date of birth or any of your personal belongings. They can’t tell you who set up the sihr for you. An Islamic Raqi will not present himself as a spiritual Healer. They won’t make claims like reversing divorce. They will not ask for a picture of your body organs. A legitimate Raqi, memorizes Quran by heart. He will not touch or write on a female body, or be all alone with her in a private room.

But Still, Why should I avoid them if they can heal me? Because they will not heal you. They may even put more Jinn in your way so they can blackmail your further and take your money. In some cases consensual sexual exploitation occurs.

Warning: Undereducated, superstitious practitioners usually blame everything they don’t understand on Sihr. For example if somebody experiences vasovagal syncope, nausea and vomiting during Hijama, they claim that this person is affected by Sihr. They sometimes call it Metaphysical forces. These types of practitioners are either ignorant or liars. In both cases they should be completely avoided. In addition, avoid the what’s so called online Ruqia. In my personal opinion, the Raqi must be physically present with you. They need to feel the vibrations and heat in your body. They need to monitor your eye movement and listen to changes in your voice. Online Raqi’s are not even closely effective. In addition, if a Raqi makes you come over and over again for many visits while you experience no improvement, Know that they are scamming you for your money.

Should I get Hijama first or Ruqia?

Definitely, always start with Ruqia and then follow it up with Hijama soon after. Always tell your Hijama Practitioner if you have Sihr before he starts working on you. This will give the Hijama Practitioner the opportunity to fortify himself with Athkar before he starts. Also, the Hijama Practitioner will tweak the treatment plan to focus on points that will help remove the evil effect of Sihr left over by the Jinn. It is not recommended to combine both Hijama and Ruqia in the same session.

Could Satan/ Jinn make me sick during or after Hijama? (Translated answer from Sheikh Ahmed Hifny, may Allah have mercy on his deceased soul)

Someone may feel sick after Hijama as in 2 weeks, or 2 days or 2 hours post Hijama. When someone feels sick after a week or 2, it is because of evil eye. There are 2 types of evil eye. Deliberate and Undeliberate. Deliberate evil eye is when someone wishes that the gift/ blessing that someone else enjoys is void and compromised. This is relatively rare.

The undeliberate evil eye is when someone mentions a gift or blessing without referring this gift/ blessing to the Ultimate Giver, Creator… God “Allah”. Example: My son is strong. Versus, God made my son strong.

Another Example of referring the blessing to the Lord to prevent evil eye: “Joe has been sick for years, but after he got Hijama, He feels much better MashAllah “As God has determined”. In this case, Evil Jinn cannot hurt this person. When you get Hijama do not tell people that you are cured, It is enough to say that you are better.

Some people will feel sick a couple of days after Hijama. If you get Hijama on the upper part of your body, you should completely rest for 24 hours. Do not forget to rest also emotionally and psychologically. If Hijama involves the lower half of your body, rest for 48 hours. Your hormones, enzymes and glands have been impacted by Hijama. What worrying, is when a client feel significantly better after Hijama so they work or exercise too hard.

Some patients, a couple of hours after Hijama, will experience pain, fatigue and discomfort. They become almost disabled after Hijama. The patient should be asked whether not he see nightmares. If he gets nightmares, this means that Jinn are after him. Hijama hurts Jinn and removes all their poison from the body. Hijama can even get the Jinn itself outside of the body. So, since Hijama hurts the Jinn, the Jinn works on scaring the client away from Hijama. Hijama is a simple basic process of scratches and bleeding. How can such a simple act cause on going pain and complications despite being performed according to the medical guidelines by a medical doctor?

Sometime evil Jinn go after the individual who performs Hijama. When the client is targeted by Jinn, Jinn make him/her lose consciousness during Hijama. It makes the patient appear as if they are dead. Sometimes the patient will have bubbles come out of his mouth as a further proof by the jinn that Hijama must stop immediately and should not be performed again.. Everyone would start blaming the doctor. The result is that this doctor will not do Hijama again to this person. Jinn could cause symptoms for diseases that the patient does not even have in the first place; To the point that when the patient goes to run blood work or a scan. The numbers would be off and would indicate fake disease state. The makes physicians lose confidence in themselves and in modern medicine. So always ask the patient if they have had jinn issues even if it is something old from a while ago.

The solution for both the doctor and the patient is to smile with confidence and stay calm. This confidence scares away and frustrates the jinn. If somebody suffers from harm caused by Jinn, they should be treated by an Imam first before getting Hijama. The prophet of Allah Peace be upon him you used to seek refuge by Allah against the evil eyes of humans and from Jinn. When the Moathat (Surat Al-Falaq and Surat Al-Nass) Verses were revealed to the prophet, He used them to fortify himself against the Jinn and he forfeited everything else he used to used previously. If you are hurt by the Jinn, honestly share this information with the Hijama practitioner. Prepare yourself by reading the Moathat for a week or ten days prior to Hijama. Read them daily for 100 times or even 50 times a day. Every time you recite them, start with “A’aouzo billah min Alshaytan Elrajeem”.

Recite loudly with confidence. After you finish each recitation, act as if you are spitting on Satan, 3 times around you especially on your left side. If you keep repeating this recitation this way, Jinn, will not be able to stand this. It is preferrable that the patient is the one who recites this. If not possible, someone else can read them for the patient and at the very least the patient can listen to a recording. When done sincerely, Jinn shrinks and diminishes. It will come out easily with Hijama or even without it. This is the main cure for Jinn. You could also add, drinking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Again, I emphasize that Smiling with confidence by both the patient, doctor and everyone else in the room, even if it is a fake smile. A smiling person is a strong, satisfied and believing slave of god. To the jinn, this means that the jinn can’t trick you, and they can’t make you go to a scammer who will pretend like they can fix you for money. The family of the patient should repeat that they are not in rush for a quick cure. This makes the jinn get desperate and leave out of this patient.

How can I do Ruqya for myself before bedtime?

The best way is to follow the path of prophet Mohammed. It is narrated in the authentic hadith books that when our prophet would go to bed, he would put both his palms together and recite 3 verses of the Quran: 1- Qul hua Allah Ahad… 2- Qul aaouz birab elnas… 3- Qul aaouz birab elfalaq…, then he would (yanfuth) blow air in his hand from his mouth, some said, accompanied by a slight amount of saliva. Then, he would wipe his head, face and as much as he can from the front of his body. He would repeat this process 3 times, in each time he would recite all 3 verses. On his death bed, when he could not do that, he asked his wife, Aisha, to do that for him.

What if I did the above but I am still have troubles during my sleep. Aren’t Allah supposed to have protected me? Here is the answer, in my personal opinion, You do not know if something negative is left on your bed from Satan. So while Satan is not present, Satan may have left something to trouble you in your sleep on your bed. Prophet Muhammed stated in an authentic Hadith “When you go to bed, use your under shirt to dust off your bed because you do not know what occupied your bed after you. Then say: “In the name of God, I lay down on my side and in His name I get up. If you (God), hold my soul (as in death), then have mercy on my soul and if you (God) release my soul then guard it as you guard your righteous slaves.””

What if I have forgotten all of that and now, I have gotten up in the middle of my sleep in panic because I have seen an evil nightmare and I am worried that it could happen in real life. Prophet Muhammed taught us “A good dream is from Allah, an evil nightmare is from Satan. If you see something you do not like in your sleep, Spit 3 times on your left side (without saliva or with very little) and seek refuge in Allah from the evil of what your have seen. Do not share it with anyone. But if you see what you like, then get your hopes up and share it only who you love.”

In addition, when you recite the entire Ayat Alkorsee (the verse of the throne)  in surah Albaqarah (The chapter of the Cow) you will be protected by Allah till the moment you wake up. My personal advice is that if you get up to use the bathroom for example, you will have to re-recite Ayat Alkorsee again.

You Must not listen to any type of Music or singing, Do not walk naked around the house, Do not let dogs into your house. No statues are allowed. Do not hang pictures of animals, fish or people, whether they are photos or hand made. Understand that repetition of Ruqia and Athkar are important. Eat and drink only with your right hand and say “Bismellah” (In the name of Allah” before you eat or drink.

All of the above is based on Ahadeeth of prophet Muhammed but we are giving you the gest of what he said.

Prophet Muhammed said “If one of you yawns, let him cover his mouth with his hand because the Satan would get inside of him”

Prophet Muhammed said “Whoever says, I seek refuge in the name of Allah. With whose name no harm could occur in the heavens or the earth” 3 times, no harm will occur to him/her””

Prophet Muhammed said  He was taught these words by Angel Jibril “I seek refuge in the in the wholeness of the words of Allah whose words could never be trespassed by any good doer or evil doer that Allah created, or by anything that comes down from skies or passes through it or by any that he created on earth or comes out of it, or from the evils of day and night or from anyone who knocks, except for someone who knocks to bring good. You are my merciful lord”

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