If someone does not qualify for Hijama for whatever reason, the next best thing that will have almost a similar effect to Hijama is Fasting.  A lot of people will also add (getting enough sleep, exercise, drinking a lot of water, staying away from stress, healthy diet…etc.) While all of the above is true, the one thing that really stands out is fasting, including dry fasting. To qualify for Hijama, skin must be intact and in an aseptic condition.

This list is a general highlight of ineligible candidates and not meant to be conclusive list of every condition. Individual differences may apply.

Who does not qualify for Hijama?

  • Individuals with a cardiac pacemaker or implanted Defibrillator (for liability).
  • Individuals experiencing Hypo-tension (low blood pressure).
  • Individuals experiencing a fever.
  • Individuals experiencing excessive or spontaneous bleeding (Hemophilia) or other extreme bleeding disorders.
  • Individuals with organic cardiac problems.
  • Individuals diagnosed with immunodeficiency such as HIV.
  • Individuals on immuno-suppressive medications.
  • Individuals diagnosed with Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C.
  • Individuals currently on Anticoagulant medications (Blood Thinners).
  • Individuals currently on Antiplatelets, or who recently donated their platelets.
  • Individuals with open wounds, rash, lesions, burns etc. The skin must me intact.
  • Individuals who just undergone surgery or who will soon undergo surgery, typically a month.
  • Pregnant females, Specially first and third trimester.
  • Hemophobic Individuals .
  • Individuals on Radiation Therapy.
  • Individuals experiencing un-managed Epilepsy and Narcolepsy.
  • Individuals on Chemotherapy.
  • Individuals on Dialysis.
  • Individuals who have Tinea or active Fungai infection.
  • Individuals experiencing Senile Purpura.
  • Individuals experiencing Sickle Cell Ulcers.
  • Individuals experiencing Hemoptysis or Hematemesis. 
  • Individuals diagnosed with Thalassemia.
  • Clients with communication disabilities, special needs, or Special Educational Needs (Client must be able to receive, send, process, and comprehend concepts, thought, and feelings verbally and non verbally).
  • Hijama is not recommended a 3 days before or after getting vaccinated, exceptions apply.
  • Hijama can’t be performed on Baker’s Cyst.
  • Hijama can’t be performed on points of acute inflammation, knee effusion, right on Eczematic Plaques, Psoriatic Patches, Varicose veins, body orifices, eyes, lymph nodes, fractured bones, on fungal infections or on areas that has transudate fluid.