Consult with your doctor before applying any of these therapies. These therapies must avoided if you are pregnant or may be pregnant.

Why can’t I get rid of Sheitan/ Jinn despite getting Ruqyah?

This is where inflicted patients could start losing faith. It is because they lack knowledge. There is a preconceived notion that when one gets Ruqiah, Sheitan jumps off him/her and then this person can resume normal life. Ruqyah will torture and burn Sheitan to a degree but will not always rid the patient of Shaitan immediately. 

Prophet Muhammed said: Jinn is of three types, one which has wings and flies in the air, one which consists of snakes and dogs, and one which stays in places and travels about.”

Jinn vary in their creation and characteristics. Some are strong and can withstand Ruqyah to a degree and for a certain duration more than others. However, some can resist Ruqyah for a very long time. This resistance is often attributed to the knots that Shaitan constructs inside the body, which act as shields protecting the Shaitan from the effects of Ruqyah.

Exaggerated Anger, Sadness, Fear, or Jealousy and being exposed to Sihr or Ayn opens up the body for Shaitan to settle inside.

Evil Magic (Sihr) is not limited to someone hiring a Sahir to bring satanic harm on the targeted person. Shaitan builds its own Sihr inside the body to be able to reside within the body and destroy while being protected against Ruqiah. The root of all spiritual disorders is the same. It is Shaitan. The difference is the trigger of the disorder (Ayn, Hasad, Sihr, and Mass) and the manifestation of the disorder (How the harm of the Shaitan is taking place in this body). Jinn could be a snake, diving, or flying Jinn. It could also be a master or slave jinn.

When Shaitan or Jinn settles in the body, it prepares the body for its residence. So, they build knots for that purpose. Knots are magic. No knots without Shaitan and no Shaitan inside the body without knots. These knots serve as a shield against Ruqia and help Jinn execute their harm in the body. It could take months or years to clear out the knots depending on how punctual the patient is with Ruqiah and Athkar. It is like scrubbing away layers upon layers of dirt. Most afflicted patients experience constipation, bloating, gas, colon irritation, hormonal disorders, and lower back pain.

To destroy the knots of the Shaitan recite repeatedly:

Surat Al-Fatihah, Surat Al-Baqarah, Surat Al-Ikhlas, Surat Al-Falaq and Surat Al-Nas.

Do not go knots!!

Some people go as far as reciting Surah Al-Falaq hundreds of times a day for many days and get cured without even going to a Raqi. Listen to Ruqiah even during your sleep every night. Let the Ruqiah loop over throughout the night. In the beginning, the sound should be very low until you are used to the Ruqiah in the background and then you can raise the volume a little.

♦ Prophet Muhammed said, “When one of you goes to sleep, Sheitan ties 3 knots at the back of his head, Sheitan stamps each knot with “It is a long night, sleep”, but when you get up and remember Allah, one knot breaks, when you make Wudua, another knot breaks and when you pray a knot breaks. You will get up then active and well-spirited otherwise you would get up lazy with an ill-spirited“. Authentic in the book of Muslim

Performing prayers and reciting the Quran does not mean that Shaitan is remote.

‘Uthman Ibn AbulAs came to Prophet Muhammed and said: “Prophet of Allah, the Shaitan disrupts me during my prayers and confuses me in my recitations.” The Prophet of Allah said: “This is a Shaitan called Khinzab; so when you feel his presence seek refuge in Allah against him and spit three times on your left side (typically without any saliva).” Uthaman said: “I did that and Allah has dismissed him (Shaitan) away from me.” Authentic in the Book of Muslim

Treatment Program for Removing Satanic Knots

Some patients have knots in their stomachs, intestines, and colon. That makes the battle with Shaitan divided into two parts. 1– Getting rid of the knots. 2- Getting rid of the Shaitan itself. The faster you clear these knots, the sooner you will recover inshallah.

There are two approaches to removing these knots.

1- The main treatment is Ruqyah, Athkar, Surat Al-Baqarah, and Surat Al-Falaq.

2- The subordinate method which is applied by the addition of physical treatment. Physical treatments alone could never remove the Shaitan. However, combining Quranic and physical treatments accelerates and simplifies the treatment program. If the subordinate treatment plan is performed without Ruqiah and Athkar, the therapy will not work.

What are the subordinate physical treatments?

Hijama: After Ruqiah seek Hijama. The effect of Hijama after Ruqiah is like when someone cleans the house, they would then have to take the garbage out. Hijama is effective in removing knots from the muscles, womb nerves, and the head. However, its effect is limited in clearing the stomach, intestines, and colon. Hijama in this case requires a practitioner who knows how to treat spiritual disorders.

Seek Hijama once a month during treatment.

To prepare Ruqiah-infused olive oil, water, or honey, recite the following verses 7 times over your chosen substance:

1. Al-Fatiha (Chapter 1 of the Quran),
2. The last two verses of Surat Al-Baqarah (Chapter 2: verses 285-286),
3. Ayat Al-Kursi (Surat Al-Baqarah, Chapter 2: verse 255),
4. Surat Al-Ikhlas (Chapter 112),
5. Surat Al-Falaq (Chapter 113),
6. Surat Al-Nas (Chapter 114).

Honey, Add Ruqiah raw, unfiltered honey to your drinking water. Apply a few droplets to your belly button. The patient could also mix honey with Ruqiah water and drink it first thing in the morning. Do not feed honey to a child older than 2 years old.

Virtue: Allah said in Bees the Chapter “And your lord inspired the bees: “Make ‘your’ homes in the mountains, the trees, and in what people construct, and feed from ‘the flower of’ any fruit ‘you please’ and follow the ways your Lord has made easy for you.” From their bellies comes forth liquid of varying colors, in which there is healing for people. Surely this is a sign for those who reflect.”

Black seed/ Black seed oil (Nigella Sativa), add it to your food or even drink it raw. Do not take it if you are pregnant. You could also add it to olive oil and apply it as a body rub.

Virtue: Prophet Muhammed said: “There is no disease for which Nigella seed (Black seed) does not provide a remedy.” Authentic in the Book of Muslim

Indian Costus, Buy empty Halal capsules, available on Amazon, and fill them with Indian Costus powder. Start with one capsule a day and then increase the dose to 3 or 4 capsules a day if you can tolerate it well.

Virtue: Prophet Muhammed said: “The best of your therapies are Hijama and Sea Costus (Indian Costus).” Authentic in Bukhari and Muslim

Prophet Muhammed said: “Seek the Indian sticks (Indian Costus) for it provides seven cures. It is to be sniffed by one having throat trouble, and to be put into one side of the mouth of one suffering from pleurisy.” Authentic in Bukhari

Apple cider vinegar, Drink it diluted with water. It will clear your stomach and end the gas and bloating.

Virtue: Prophet Muhammed said: “The best condiment is vinegar.” Authentic in the Book of Muslim

Senna, take Senna tablets or Senna herb.

Virtue: Prophet Muhammed said: “You should use senna and the Sannut, for in them there is healing for every disease, except the Sam.” The prophet was asked: “Messenger of Allah, what is the Sam?” He said: “Death.”

Sannut: is said to be a mix of Senna, ghee, and honey. It helps clear the intestines of toxins.

Sidr Leaves (Lote leaves), Grind these leaves then add them to Ruqiah water. Use this water to drink and shower with.

Applying a combination of Sidr and Henna to the head, when prepared with Ruqyah water and/ or oil, helps against hair fall and headaches caused by spiritual disorders. When Sidr leaves are fresh and concentrated, they will have a high viscosity, allowing you to apply the mixture directly to the skin and leave it for some time. This is beneficial even if it contains a very minimal amount of salt or vinegar. Remember that once Sidr leaves are ground and mixed with water, they can spoil quickly. If you plan to use the mixture later, you should keep it in the fridge to preserve its quality. Drinking a mixture of Ruqiah water with Sidr leaves and water is very beneficial, to clear the stomach of the knots jinn or shaitan. Indeed, the mixture of Sidr and Henna is traditionally used for hair care, as well as the eyelids.

Virtue: Prophet Muhammed said regarding a man who fell off his ride and died during Hajj, “Wash him with water and Sidr and shroud him in his two garments (that he was wearing for Ihram).” Authentic

Qays ibn Asim said I came to the Prophet (ﷺ) with the intention of embracing Islam. He commanded me to take a bath with water and Sidr (Lote tree leaves). Authentic

Olive Oil, Do Ruqiah on olive oil and wipe your entire body full with it. It is one of the most effective therapies that will make an immediate difference. If olive oil is not available, the patient could substitute it with coconut oil. 

Virtue: Prophet Muhammed said, “Eat the oil (olive oil) and rub with it, for it is from a blessed tree.”

Salt, regular salt. Salt is very effective when added to Ruqiah water for bathing and spraying the house. It dissolves the unseen substance used by demons to attach magic to the human body and houses.

Virtue: When Prophet Muhammed was bitten by a scorpion on his finger, he requested water and salt, which he then mixed in a bowl. He continuously poured the mixture over his injured finger while reciting Surah Al-Falaq and Surah Al-Nas, wiping it as he did so.

Ginger is effective in clearing the body from satanic harm especially if it is prepared with Ruqiah water. Add lemon and honey to your liking.

“They will be served therein with a cup whose flavor is Zanjabeel (Ginger)” Chapter 36 verse 17

Tamarind is great for general health, but especially beneficial for spiritual disorder patients, as it cleanses the stomach, intestines, and colon. However, it may cause gas and bloating. Avoid chewing it raw to protect tooth enamel. Instead, mix it with Ruqiah water and honey, cool, and drink.

How to prepare Ruqiah Water, Oil, or Honey?

Ruqiah water may taste nasty and distasteful to the inflicted patient. It is recommended to brush your teeth and clean your mouth before preparing Ruqiah Water, oil, or honey.

• Ruqiah water and oil are prepared in one of two ways:

1- By reciting Quran while holding the bottle or container very close to your mouth so that your breath is coming out directly into the bottle or container that has the content you are doing Ruqiah on.

2- By reciting Quran (while the container is not close to your mouth), then blowing air from the mouth in a spit-like fashion (without or with droplets of saliva) into the water, honey, or oil. For short Surah, less than a page, recite each Surah then when you finish, spit air 3 times into the jar or bottle you have (without or with droplets of saliva). For a long Surah like Surat Al-Baqarah, after reading every page, blow air into the container 3 times. Use the Ruqia water to drink and shower with and the Ruqiah oil to wipe your body with.

If you can’t read the Quran in Arabic, then listen to the Surah in a loud enough voice while reading the matching translation in a whisper-like voice or higher, then spit air into the water or oil.

Do not utter any worldly talk while preparing Ruqiah water or oil, like asking someone to turn on lights, etc. If you are doing your recitations during Qyam (additional nightly prayers), then blow air or spittle air and saliva immediately after you finish your Salah (prayers) into the object you are doing Ruqiah on and before speaking to anyone or saying anything.

Important: If your salvia makes contact with olive oil or honey, you should not store them for a long time. You should rather use them in the new future or discard them.

  • Does reciting Quran while praying Salah mean I can’t do Ruqiah on water or olive oil?

You still can do Ruqiah on water or olive oil by doing Nafth (spitting air accompanied by droplets of saliva) 3 times into the water or oil immediately after you finish the Salah prayers and before speaking to anyone.

• What to recite?

Recite what you like but make sure you repeat 7 times or more the following:

Al-Fatiha, the last 2 verses from Surat Al-Baqarah, Ayat Al-Korsi, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, and Al-Nas.

If you are in a rush you could just recite the 3 Moaothat 3 times each (Al-Ikhlass, Al-Falaq, and Al-Nass.)

The Subordinate ways of removing out of the digestive system knots. (in combination with Ruqiah)

Knots in the abdomen should be cleared by inducing vomiting or diarrhea. However, some knots may be cleared only by vomiting and some may be cleared only by diarrhea depending on where they are located in the digestive system. Knots in the womb or any other area of the body are cleared via Hijama.


Some patients say that they feel the need to vomit. They feel that something is troubling in their stomach and if they can vomit it out, they will feel better. Do not try vomiting if you are pregnant or think you could be pregnant. For this method to work, the patient must do Ruqia and drink Ruqia water for many days before vomiting otherwise the vomiting will clear the food in the stomach but not the knots. Vomiting along with Ruqia has worked very well for many patients. When patients vomit, they could see bubbles, white lines, and red, yellow, white, and black substances. If you decide to take this approach, then induce vomiting in the morning on an empty stomach while you are on your knees and leaning forward with your head facing the floor. Listen to Ruqia before and during vomiting.

What to drink to induce vomiting to remove knots? There are many recipes. Make sure you read Quran on this water to turn it into Ruqia water. A popular recipe is to drink room temperature water and a few grams of Dried Rhubarb Root Ground Powder راوند مطحون. It is an orange powder. Be prepared that this herb will induce vomiting or vomiting and diarrhea. An easy popular method is to drink a mix of regular milk and salt. 

Other substitutes, Boil some water and one or more of the following: basil, Henna, Indian Costus, Cumin, or Senna herbs, and then add honey. Another smooth recipe is to mix hot water with ghee/ butter, Senna herbs, Cumin, and honey.  Let this water cool a little until it becomes warm. Do Ruqia on this water. Wash your hands with soap then insert your index and middle finger into the throat to create a gag reflex.

After vomiting, Wash your face with cold water and drink apple juice after vomiting. Do not recite Ruqiah in the bathroom or play it on a speaker inside the bathroom. However, it is permissible to put the speaker in a different room and play the Ruqia loudly so that it is heard in the bathroom. Do not eat or brush your teeth right after vomiting. Do not eat for 2 hours after vomiting.

Induce vomiting once or twice a week.


Taking Senna herbs or tablets to induce Diarrhea. Do not induce diarrhea if you are pregnant or think you could be pregnant. For inducing diarrhea to work or clearing satanic harm, patients should drink plenty of Ruqia water with the Senna tablets, otherwise, Senna as a laxative will clear the colon but not the knots in the digestive system. So with Senna, instead of pushing knots up through vomiting, they are pushed down. Senna treats constipation by emptying the large intestine via the rectum. It typically begins working in around 30 minutes to 3 hours. Patients are advised to stay close to the bathroom.

Induce Diarrhea once or twice a week.

How to physically clear the body of Jinn?

Physical and Spiritual treatment combination method

Note: There is no proof from the Quran or the Sunnah of prophet Muhammed to use these methods, however, most scholars allow them. Over the centuries, many patients reported great results.

Body Wipe:

Recite Surat Al-Fatihah, Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Nass, and Ayat Al-Korsi 7 times each, with or without Surah Al-Baqarah on extra virgin olive oil then use it to wipe the entire body. A very thin layer is sufficient. For this therapy to work you have to wipe the entire body, even the private areas. Ruqiah olive oil works well against itchiness, stinging, and chest tightness caused by Shaitan. However, do not cover only the affected areas. Every area you leave uncovered is an area the Shaitan can resort to. When wiping the limbs, wipe from the top to the bottom in one direction as if you are pushing something out and away from your body.

Note: It is necessary to cover the entire body in full even the private areas. However, if you touch the private areas you lose your Wudua. So apply the Ruqiah Oil on the private areas first then make Wudua and then apply the Ruqiah Oil on the rest of the body.

When patients apply Ruqiah oil they may feel nothing for 20 seconds and then they feel sudden quick movements inside the body as the Shaitan escapes areas of application. It is also effective to mix Ruqiah Dark Musk or Oud scent oil with Ruqiah olive oil and wipe the body with the blend. To enhance the penetration of the olive oil, you can add mint oil but avoid the private areas and the face in this case.

Wiping the body with oil is not just used for treatment, it is also used for diagnosis. For example, if a young boy cries repeatedly for no reason and keeps staring at nothing as if he is looking at something. Parents should consider using the olive oil rub on their inflicted children 3 to 7 times a day for about 3 consecutive days. Absent of medical reasons, If the parents notice that after applying the Ruqiah Olive Oil the boy is getting a fever, vomiting, excreting black stool that smells unusually bad, sleeping longer than usual, or getting discolorations and bruises on their skin. Then Ruqiah and Ruqiah oil should be applied more repeatedly for treatment purposes.

Ruqiah Water:

Recite Surat Al-Fatihah, Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Nass, and Ayat Al-Korsi 7 times each, with or without Surah Al-Baqarah on Water in your water bottle, with or without the addition of a few droplets of honey into the water, then drink it. Some inflicted patients may find the taste of Ruqiah water unusual and repulsive. Ruqia water reaches every cell of the body. Drinking Ruqiah water on the day the patient is planning on getting Ruqiah, tends to make the Ruqiah yield better results. 


Bathing typically is recommended for external Mas (meaning the Shaitan or its knots are attached to the outside of the body). Recite Surat Al-Fatihah, Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Nass, and Ayat Al-Korsi 7 times each on water and mix it with Alrumi Blend.

So what is the Alrumi mix we keep hearing about? Before this mix, Raqi’s used to ask patients to shower with Ruqiah water and salt or Sider. However, this Rumi mix works much better inshallah.

The ingredients are 1 kilogram of ground Sidr, 1 kilogram of white Alum crystal powder (Potassium Aluminum Sulfate), and 1 kilogram of salt. Mix them and divide them into 7 portions. Add 3 to 4 liters of water to each portion right before you use it. (recite Quran on this water).

Bathe in this blend only between Asr and Maghrib time or after Isha time. Bathe in this blend for 7 consecutive days. Give to charity for every treatment day (You can combine the charity of all 7 days and give them out all at once.) Most patients benefited from this recipe. The effect is on the seventh day.

Pour the water mix from the top of the head down to the rest of your body. Do not leave this water mix on your body for a long time. Shower your entire body immediately after bathing with this blend with regular clean water.

Patients’ reactions vary. Some report excessive urination, shivers, pain in certain areas of the body, or sweating. Some people will get random pimples or bruises on the body. it is permissible for this water that you recited Quran on to go down the drain according to scholars. Some patients like to add Indian Costus, Ground Black Seed, Senna Herb, and Honey. That is all acceptable.

Note: Rash could occur after Bathing or wiping the body with the above Ruqiah blend. It is typically a sign of detoxing the body but rarely is a sign of an allergic reaction.


Recite Surat Al-Fatihah, Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Nass, and Ayat Al-Korsi 7 times each, with or without Surah Al-Baqarah on Water in a spray bottle, with or without the addition of salt or vinegar, then spray the doors, door entrance, corners and walls of your house.

Smells & Scents:

Recite Surat Al-Fatihah, Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Nass, and Ayat Al-Korsi 7 times each, with or without Surah Al-Baqarah on loose incense. You can also add to the incense: Black seed, black seed oil, Indian Costus, Sidr leaves, Frankincense, Musk, or Oud fragrance. Burn them the way you burn incense in the house and breathe them. This is recommended for people who smell weird odors in the house, from ambiguous sources.

Patients can also apply Ruqiah Musk or Oud oil inside Vicks inhaler which tames down Shaitan that settles in the head and the case of Smelt Evil Magic.

To clear smelt magic from the nose and sinuses, Do Ruqiah on distilled water then mix the distilled Ruqiah water with a small amount of salt, honey, and one single drop of apple cider vinegar. Use NeilMed nasal irrigation to rinse your sinus.

This video shows how to do Sinus Rinse at home

Eye Liner:

Recite Surat Al-Fatihah, Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Nass, and Ayat Al-Korsi 7 times each, with or without Surah Al-Baqarah on honey. Apply on and in the eye to address seeing things like eye floaters or flies in the absence of medical reasons.

Get a haircut (males only):

Scholar Ibn Al-Qayyem explains that for men to cut off their long hair could be an effective way of getting rid of external body attachments placed on the head by the Shaitan.

The therapy of the prominent Hadith Scholar Imam Hafith Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani

Click here to learn about his biography. The scholar Imam Hafith Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani advised those inflicted by Sihr to consider the following:

Stone grind 7 Sidr leaves (Lote leaves). Then soak them in water. Recite Ayat Al-Korsi, Surat Al-Jinn, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Kafirun, Al-Falaq, and Al-Nass (your breath should be blowing air on the water during recitation). Say Bismillah (in the name of Allah), Drink 3 sips of this water then shower your body with the rest of it (shower your entire body). Drinking and bathing with Sidr may aid in alleviating erectile dysfunction and low libido attributed to spiritual causes such as Sihr.

Note: Sidr leaves are mentioned multiple times in the Quran. Sidr leaves should ideally be fresh for maximum efficacy as Saponin is higher in fresh leaves. However, if fresh leaves are unavailable, dried Sidr leaves can be used, though they may not be as effective. The above recipe is stronger if repeated daily for 7 days. Adding additional Quranic verses or repeating the above verses 7 times makes the treatment stronger. If you can’t find fresh Sidr Leaves, use tree leaves from your local area, from various species.

The use of Topical Analgesics

Other means of treatment work well for patients using over-the-counter topical analgesics that treat sore muscles and joints. The most common is the use of unmedicated Cool and Heat creams and patches that contain menthol or herbs as their effect penetrates deep into the body. Patients open them or empty them in another container so that their Ruqiah breath can touch the ingredients. They recite Ruqiah on them before applying them. One lady recited Surat Al-Baqarah on this type of cream and applied it on her inflicted husband who fell immediately on the floor and felt weird things were leaving his body. He recovered after that.

TENS and EMS devices

The use of medical devices, specifically Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) units. The patches are applied to areas targeted by the Shaitan while listening to the Ruqiah. It is typically applied to the back, stomach, and limbs. When you apply this treatment start from the top of the body to the bottom and from the right side of the body to the left side as if you are cornering the Shaitan in the left foot. Of course, the patient must adhere to the safety regulations of these units, like not applying the Tens and EMS patches on the head, spine, heart, or open wound.

Massage Guns

Massage guns are very effective in identifying the hidden knots of Shaitan. Patients could find extreme pain in areas they never found painful before despite never sustaining any injury or illness in this area. Typically this treatment works well on both sides of the spine, lower back, pelvic area, thighs, and feet. Apply Hijama treatment and Ruqiah oil on these areas.


We stand firmly against the use of Stun Guns and Taser Guns on patients as they are painful, unsafe, and can lead to Cardiac arrest. This technique is more common in the Western Christian world to treat what they call Spirit Possession.

Do not misuse these devices and medications listed on this website. Consult with your doctor first. Ignorance is not an excuse.