Iyen and Hassad are more prevalent than we think, specially in this age we live at. People are consumed with jealousy. It is the disease of hating to see someone blessed. But we also guilty because we have gotten comfortable with living in glass houses and displaying everything we got to others. At other times, we are the problem. One could give Iyen to his/her own self and kids. Learn to protect yourself and your family even from your own self. This is why Allah address it in Quran when he said “Why, When you entered your garden did not say, (everything is) as Allah wills, There is no power except with Allah”.

A lot of gatherings specially weddings are followed by Hassad and Iyen. Everyone wants to look their best, then comes the sorrow and sickness that fills hearts with depression because of Hassad. But Hassad is sometimes from Jinn. This is why Prophet Muhammed used to seek refuge in Allah from the eyes of Jinn and the eyes of people. If someone changes their clothes without saying Bismellah, the Jinn in the house would be looking at them, specially if there is music and pictures in the house. Of course, there are physicals reasons for sickness and failure. However Iyen and Hassad can cause us to get sick. Some people even do drugs because they are seeking relief from the torture of the Iyen.

Prophet Muhammed said “Most of what gets my Ummah in the grave is Iyen” and he also said “Iyen will keep working on someone until he throws himself off a cliff” (meaning commit suicide). 

A companion of the prophet his shirt off while washing off the top of his body, a man looked at him with admiration and said “this skin is like no other.” The man immediately fill down sick, almost dying. The told prophet Muhammed, He asked his companions “Who do you believe has commited that to him?” Prophet Muhammed then said: “Why would one of you kill another?” “Why didn’t you bless him (ask Allah to bless the gift of Allah to this person)?” 

Frequent yawning, crying, weakness, hesitation, yellowness, dark spots on the skin, Isolation, sudden physical sickness, dizziness, Migraines, disappointment, exhaustion, bad temper, suicidal thoughts, unexplained fear, specially of death or losing someone, vomiting, diarrhea and sweating during Ruqia are all symptoms of being afflicted with Iyen.

Seek Hijama along with Ruqia. The best Raqi in the world is: You, because of how sincere and humble you are during the the Ruqia to Allah. For treatment Recite Al-Fatihah, Ayat Al-Korsi, Surat Al-Falaq, Al-Nass and Al-Ikhlass 7 times in the morning and again in the evening. If you know who gave you Iyen, ask them to make full Wudua in a dish of water and wash his sides underneath the shirt or dip the inside of his shirt or very small part of it in the same dish of water. Then through this water forcefully on the neck and shoulders of the diseased person during bathing. The diseased person will recover immediately from Iyen.

Here is the proof for the making Wudua in a dish to help your fellow recover from Iyen.

In an authentic Hadith narrated by Muslim, Prophet Muhammed said “Iyen is true. If something would override Destiny, it would be Iyen. If you are asked to wash-up, then wash-up.” 

If you do not know who gave you Iyen, then do just Ruqia. Ruqia is Quran. Nothing but Quran and Athkar of prophet Muhammed. You are stronger than any magic, Iyen and Hassad if you say your morning, evening and going to be Athkar. Additionally, cover up your blessings. Do not overexpose your blessings to others whether in person or on social media.

Someone could give Iyen to your good looking kids because they have no kids or their kids are not as good looking. Put your hand on the forehead of your kid and recite for 7 times the following: Al-Fatiha, first few verses of Surat Al-Baqarah, last 2 verses from Surat Al-Baqarah, Ayat Al-Korsi, Al-Ikhlass, Al-Falaq and Al-Nass. If in rush you could just recite the 3 Moaothat (Al-Ikhlass, Al-Falaq and Al-Nass.)

Should I know who gave me Iyen or Hassad? Yes, try to guess who but without getting to skeptical of people in your circle. Once you guess who, minimize your exposure to this person and do not share with them details about your success, health and wealth.

How would I know the person who gives me Iyen? They are typically too curious about you. You will notice after speaking with this specific person that you experience negative bodily reactions like tightness in your chest, headache, yawning, fatigue or irritation.