How to identify a scam Raqi (Raqee/ Ruqiah Therapist / Ruqyah Practitioner)?

Prophet Muhammed said, “I left behind for you what if you hold on to, you will never be misguided, the Book of Allah (Quran) and my Sunnah (rituals).

Seek a Ruqiah therapist who invests time in exploring your lifestyle to identify the factors that led to your current situation and instructs you on how to prevent similar afflictions. The ideal Ruqiah therapist should serve as a counselor or consultant, guiding you on relying on Allah for self-healing. They should provide a structured treatment program for you to follow daily, taking on the role of an educator who monitors your progress. Be cautious of Ruqiah therapists who place themselves at the center of your life, urging repeated treatment sessions. Resist the transformation from a patient to a customer and choose a Ruqiah therapist focused on your well-being and education.

An honest Ruqiah therapist will refrain from giving you items like rings, necklaces, charms, amulets, or talismans, even if they contain Quranic verses. They will not request your full name, your mother’s name, date of birth, or ask for your picture, hair, or any personal belongings. Honest Ruqiah therapists won’t instruct you to sit in the dark, refrain from showering, or wear a cross. They cannot identify who performed Sihr (witchcraft) on you. An honest Ruqiah therapist will avoid making assertions about reversing predestined harm and will not engage in touching or writing spells on the patient’s body. They won’t use unintelligible words. Be cautious of Ruqiah therapists who present complex treatment plans or conduct very brief Ruqiah sessions, as Ruqiah is a time-consuming process that requires repetition.

A group of men came to prophet Muhammed to declare allegiance to Islam, He accepted the oath of 9 of them and left out one. Prophet Muhammed was asked “Prophet of Allah, you accepted the allegiance to Islam from 9 of them and left out this one.” Prophet Muhammed said, “He is wearing an amulet (charm)”. The man tore the amulet with his hand. Prophet Muhammed accepted his allegiance to Islam and said, “Whoever hangs an amulet (charm), has associated a partner to Allah.” Authenticated by Albani

Certain Ruqiah therapists may request you to close your eyes and share what you perceive during the Ruqiah. While this practice is deemed acceptable in some instances, its efficacy is not universal, and Shaytan could potentially mislead the Ruqiah therapist by causing the patient to see false things. Be cautious of Ruqiah therapists who assert that you will involuntarily raise your right or left hand to respond to their yes or no questions. Some may reference Quranic verses or Hadith to support their claims, but in truth, they may be distorting the true meanings of these sacred texts to fit their own interpretations.

If a Raqi shows off by telling you about things in your own life that you never shared with him, you should avoid him and leave immediately. He could only do that because he is a magician who uses Jinn to communicate with your Qarin (a Qarin is Sheitan that is constantly around you). The Magician does this to prove that since he knows about you, he can cure you. Some scam Ruqiah therapists ask you to eat or drink from a copper container that has Quranic verses and special symbols engraved into the container. These are all ways of creating satanic magic.

The field of Ruqiah is unfortunately crowded with misinformed individuals who propagate superstitious beliefs and possess vivid imaginations. Despite their lack of knowledge, they label themselves as experts, boasting about having treated thousands of people over the years. Deceptive Ruqiah therapists often advocate peculiar remedies, such as instructing patients to recite a specific Surah an unusual number of times, like 51 times, five times a day for 21 days. Be cautious of Ruqiah therapists who assert possession of secret knowledge or lights, as they are likely dishonest, even if they recite Quranic verses. It’s worth noting that there are even forms of Evil Magic that can be enacted using verses from the Quran.

In the religion of Islam, everything is clear, known, and straightforward. There are no delegates to Allah and there are no secrets. No man alive in Islam is held to a special status. Only Allah is the judge and those who are truly pious are commanded by Allah to never praise themselves.

Avoid Ruqiah therapists who employ fear tactics, such as exaggerating the power of Jinn, using complex terms and concepts that you find challenging to grasp, or creating a sense that they are the sole providers capable of treating you.

Certain Raqi opt to use their own personal phrases for Ruqiah, employing phrases like “You Shaitan have nowhere to go, the fire is coming, and the punishment is here,” instead of relying on Quranic verses. However, these personalized Ruqiahs are generally considered less effective. Interestingly, some patients claim that such Ruqiahs work for them. It’s important to note that Shaitan may induce shaking and shivering in the patient during these Ruqiahs, creating an illusion of effectiveness for both the patient and the Ruqiah therapist. This manipulation aims to encourage the continued use of this type of Ruqiah and discourage the adoption of more potent Ruqiah from the Quran. Additionally, Shaitan may temporarily cease causing harm to the patient after such Ruqiah, leading the patient to believe they have been successfully treated. When the symptoms reappear, the Ruqiah therapist might assert that the Shaitan has temporarily departed and returned. In reality, the Shaitan never left initially, and the patient was not genuinely treated. These assertions form intricate webs of deception. It is advisable to adhere strictly to the Quran and not become a subject of experimentation. Deceptive Ruqiah therapists may assert that they can pinpoint and identify specific knots within the body, a feat that is humanly impossible to achieve. It’s essential to avoid succumbing to superstitions and remain grounded in rational understanding.

Evil Magic (Sihr) can be created using Quranic verses. The Magician (Sahir) may write Quranic verses in reverse order, re-mix the words of Quran, use true verses of the Quran but mixed with certain symbols of Sihr, use true verses of the Quran that have been disrespected in the bathroom, or use true verses but omit certain words or phrases, etc. The point is, if you want the blessing of Quran, then read it and apply it. We Muslims read and apply the Quran. We do not wear the Quran.

Tajweed is a set of pronunciation rules that guide the pronunciation of letters, words, phrases, and sentence combinations in the Quran. A Raqi is someone who treats with Quran. If they do not know how to apply Tajweed rules to Quran, this means that they did not study Quran. The majority of native speakers of Arabic do not know Tajweed. Tajweed brings blessing to the Ruqia. So, the selection should not be based on beautiful voices, but rather on piety and knowledge.

The majority of Raqi’s will require multiple visits. Average Ruqia time should not be less than an hour on average. A patient is rarely treated in the first session. After the patient is treated, the patient should get a series of confirmation Ruqiah’s to confirm that the patient is clear of Shaytan, and that Shaitan is not just in an incognito state.

Why should I avoid Psychics, Fortunetellers, and Magicians if they can heal me?

Because they will not treat you even if you experience temporary relief. They may even put more Jinn in your way so they can blackmail you further for money or sexual exploitation. Do not use Jinn or Magic to overcome Jinn or Magic.

Example: If an evil person threatens you, at your house, Do you go hire a serial killer who is a dangerous gang member to come live with you to protect your property? No, because he will hurt you eventually.

When the Prophet was asked about Al-Nushrah (using opposite Sihr to overcome existing Sihr), He said: “It is the work of the Shaitan.” 

Allah said in surat Al-Jinn in Quran “and there were men of humans who sought refuge with men of Jinn, only to increase them in misery”

Note: The fact that some Raqi may know your symptoms by heart, to the point that they can tell you the symptoms you forgot to mention, does not mean that they will be able to treat you. They can diagnose you, they know how you feel. But they do not always know how to effectively treat it. They will provide you with a program to follow, then the program does not work, then they update it. Patients keep following up and spend years and money in this vicious circle.

Hint: Superstitious people blame everything they don’t understand on Sihr. For example, when somebody experiences vasovagal syncope, nausea, or vomiting during Hijama, they claim it is due to Metaphysical forces. Whether they are ignorant or lying, they should be avoided.

If a Raqi urges you to make multiple visits without noticeable improvement despite diligently following their treatment program, there is a chance they could be attempting to defraud you or may lack the requisite knowledge. In certain instances, the problem might originate from the Raqi. It is recommended to opt for a devout Raqi who strictly follows the Quran and Sunnah.

Can I rely on YouTube for treatment?

Exercise prudence. Individuals seeking answers on Dr. YouTube often discover, after a few years, that genuinely helpful treatment videos are quite limited. When browsing YouTube, be cautious of enticing Ruqia titles like “Shaitan Burner,” “Jinn Earthquake,” or “Breaking knots and chains of Shaitan Ruqia,” as they may not provide authentic solutions. Some patients who believed they were cured during video recordings later find themselves seeking treatment at other Ruqiah therapists’ offices. Their perception of being cured during the recording may be influenced by a strong reaction, but in reality, they may not have been cured. It’s important to recognize that as YouTube viewers, we only see what they choose to show us. Unless you’re a paid member, another challenge is that YouTube is saturated with advertisements featuring music and exposed females.

How do Psychics know my future and my past?

Some people go to a Magician to treat them from Sihr or Harm of Sheitan. They are shocked when the magician they are meeting for the first time, tells them about details of their past and present lives. This makes the victim naively trust and believe in this magician. How do magicians know my secrets? It is simple. The magician is an infidel disbeliever who secretly worships Sheitan despite claiming otherwise. He sends the Sheitan to ask your Qarin (your accompanying Shaitan) to share as much information about you. The Qarin acts as a spy on you. The magician will quickly use this credibility he built with you by showing you that he knows about the past to make claims that he can tell you about your future.

The Sheitan can’t know your future. However, the Qarin who knows about your plans will speculate what your future will look like and then share this with the magician. If their predictions occur in real life, they will gain more credibility in your heart. If their speculation does not happen, they will make up false excuses as to why their speculations did not happen. 

Magicians will then start a new phase with you. If what they predicted is a good thing, they tell you: We made it happen and just like we can make good things happen we can stop evil things from happening. but If evil things happen in real life, they will claim that the client was destined for something good but some other Sheitan or star in the sky stopped it. Magicians will ask their victims to pay them to fix their future and to realign them with the stars. It is an evil vicious circle of blackmailing ignorant people with made-up lies.

Fascinating authentic short narrative:

The ruler of Iraq, Al-Hajaj Ibn Yusuf, passed away in 714 AD. During his time, he encountered a fortune teller. Al-Hajaj gathered some pebbles from the ground, concealed them, and counted. He then asked the fortune teller, “How many pebbles do I have in my hand?” The fortune teller accurately responded. Al-Hajaj discarded those pebbles, selected others without counting, and inquired, “How many pebbles do I have in my hand now?” Surprisingly, the fortune teller admitted not knowing. Al-Hajaj questioned him, “Why do you not know the number of pebbles this time?” The fortune teller explained, “When you counted them secretly the first time, you knew the number, so my Shaitan learned from your Qarin Shaitan. However, when you did not count them, there was no way for my Shaitan to know from your Qarin Shaitan, so I remained unaware.”

Can a Raqi (Ruqiah Therapist / Ruqyah Practitioner) take a fee?

There is a prevalent misconception among patients that a genuine Ruqiah therapist will never request payment. However, the sincerity of a Ruqiah therapist is not determined by the fee charged for their time. Prophet Muhammed said, “The most worthy thing for which you may receive payment is Allah’s Book.” Authentic Bukhari

Can a Psychic know past events and incidents?

Real-life Example: A lady’s ring disappeared after a party she had at her apartment. She went to the Psychic asking for an explanation. He told her her that a young boy grabbed it and threw it out of the balcony then an unknown individual picked it up and took it.

This lady would not have been to a Psychic if she was a true pious believer. Her lifestyle attracts Shaitan and Jinn to her apartment. The Psychic employed Jinn to visit her house and ask the Jinn who is already in her apartment about what happened. The Jinn relates what happened. This motivates the Jinn to visit this apartment repeatedly and even haunt the residents of the apartment so that they are in standby mode and ready to answer future questions if the lady consults with the Psychic again. Later on, the residents of the apartment will all experience Jinn harm. Do not think that because you pay someone who employs Jinn the Jinn will be friendly to you. They will rather blackmail you and destroy your life. The residents of this apartment will live a miserable life and will spend much more than the value of the ring in attempts to be treated.

How does Shaitan know the future?

Shaitan works on promoting infidelity. They may impress their target by sharing with him something like: your brother will get into a car accident. Later, the brother gets into a real accident. How did Shaitan know the future? They did not know the future, they organized a planned attack. So they know that this brother sleeps late, does not pray, does not say Athkar, and listens to music. This means that the brother is unfortified. So Shaitan plans a group attack on this brother in large numbers while he is driving so that he gets into an accident. The person whose brother got into an accident and was able to hear the whispers of Shaitan in advance feels proud and privileged to have this connection with Shaitan who tells him the future. So, Instead of consulting Allah about his future plans, he consults Shaitan. He becomes inadvertently a secret Shaitan worshiper.

Prophet Muhammed said, “Whoever goes to a fortune teller to ask him to predict the future, his prayers (salah) will not be rewarded for forty days.” Authentic in the Book of Muslim

What is the punishment of evil magicians in Islam?

Prophet Muhammed said “The punishment of Sahir (evil magician), is a sword stroke” meaning capital punishment. 

Nevertheless, this penalty cannot be executed by individuals; only the ruler or governor has the authority to implement it. If you reside in a country where the governor does not enforce this punishment, Islamically, you are prohibited from personally administering this penalty. Islam instructs individuals to step back and entrust the matter to God for resolution.

What if a Raqi (Ruqiah Therapist / Ruqyah Practitioner) recruits Muslim Jinn to help innocent patients get cured?

Infidel Jinn are notorious for lying and deceiving others constantly. There isn’t a way to know whether this Jinn is honest or not. Most of the time they deceive both the patient and Raqi himself. Even if the Jinn are allegedly honest, they won’t provide genuine help. Jinn are different in types and ranks. Someone might go to a scam Raqi to diagnose him but this scam Raqi relies on Jinn for diagnosis. If the Jinn who work for the scam Raqi are weaker than the Jinn in the patient, out of fear the weaker Jinn will lie and tell the Raqi that this patient has a psychological disorder that is unrelated to Jinn. They lie because they fear the retaliation of the stronger Jinn.

Anytime you recruit Jinn, you are making yourself subject Jinn possession at later stages. The original purpose of their recruitment might be served but this will not be the end of the story. They, or their partners, will come back to target you because you have proved yourself to be helpless. When you rely on Allah, they fear you because they know that you can resort to God who will punish them if they trespass. 

Our prophet and his companions never used the support or help of Jinn even during the hardest of times. As for Jinn who believe in God, they do not gather themselves and go fight fierce wars with the Shaitan just to be nice to some Raqi out there. Example: you do not drive to a mountain and climb it up and put some bread crumbs so that the ants in this area eat. You can do that. It is nice to the ants. But you will not put in the effort to help this different creation that can’t help you back.

Allah said in Chapter Al-Jinn “And there were men from mankind who sought refuge in men from Jinn, So they (Jinn) overburdened them”

Can I seek treatment against Shaitan in a church or by a priest?

No, it is forbidden to do that. There are videos on YouTube that show priests treating patients inflicted by Jinn or Shaytan. So, How does it work? Some priests find it permissible to lie in the name of God to bring more worshippers and more donors to the church. The priest coordinates with a Sahir (evil magician) to recruit powerful Jinn (Ifrit) to work for them. When the patient comes in, the Jinn who are recruited by the priest attack whatever Jinn inside the body to make this existing Jinn cry and scream. They put the cross on the patient’s mouth, head, or chest, and then the Jinn inside the patient screams because of the so-called power of Jesus. They use Jinn against Jinn, instead of using the true word of God against Jinn.

Prophet Muhammed said “Whoever seeks a cure in Haram (forbidden) therapy, Allah will not allow a cure in that therapy”

Another tactic is the Jinn who are recruited by the priest enter the body of the patient and chain up the existing Jinn for a specified period. The patient starts to feel immediately better. They convert to Christianity, happy with the proof they have experienced. After that specified time is over, the chained Jinn is untied. It causes harm again to the patient. The patient goes back to church and agrees to be videotaped while being manipulated again, thinking that he is being treated.

Can Jinn make me rich?

Could Jinn guide me to where treasures or gold are? No. They never do. Non-believing Jinn is only concerned with harming others. Every single Sahir (evil magician) lives and dies poor and miserable. As for God-believing Jinn, they are never concerned with exerting effort to make someone from another creation get rich.