One of the many Benefits of Hijama lies in the mechanism of causing a controlled non-invasive incision at the Epidermis layer of the skin which triggers an anti-inflammatory response from the body. Other benefits are the direct result of the applied negative pressure which loosen the muscles, soothe the nervous system, and removes the blockage of the vital energy, fluids, phlegm, lymph, and blood.

The negative pressure under the cup has up to a 4-inch effect on deep tissues which stimulates the body to remove toxic or unhealthy fluids as they trickle out in the cup and cleanse the targeted area of restriction. Any Hijama treatment plan typically includes the upper back, around (T3 & T4). Due to the anatomical nature of this area, it traps toxins and debris the most.

Hijama helps improve respiratory ailments, remove stagnant blood, expel heat, and provide pain relief, help with pain management and induces feelings of relaxation and stress relief.

Hijama moves the toxins towards the surface of the skin and away from the bodies essential organs. Once the toxins have reached the surface of the skin, it is easily harvested out the body thanks to the incisions we make on the site.

Hijama has a great effect on Detoxifying, Oxygenating, and De-acidifying the tissues on a cellular level. Hijama promotes blood circulation, vasodilation, and also treats a large number of blood disorders. Hijama also functions as an immune system modulator. Hijama increases the number of white blood cells 3 hours post Hijama and Immunoglobulin 3 days post Hijama. When Hijama is performed on the right points, It stimulates the Lymph Glands and also reduces the severity of Autoimmune diseases through its synergistic effect with other medications. Due to the increased circulation caused by Hijama, the flow of white blood cells and Gama Globulin increases in the cupped area, up to 4 times which helps clear bacterial and viral caused inflammation. On the other hand, when we do Hijama to activate the flow of Lymphatic fluid, It leads to stimulating the immune system.

Another benefit of Hijama is that it reduces risk for Coronary Heart Disease. Plaque buildup and the coronary arteries can result in decreased blood flow and oxygen to the heart. Which leads to Angina, Myocardial infarction, Arrhythmia and Heart failure. Atherosclerosis occurs when increase of lipid and fibrous tissues, build up plaque that attaches to the artery walls. High levels of Low density lipoprotein cholesterol increases the risk factor for development of atherosclerosis and CHD. Hijama has been found to reduce LDL Cholesterol and protect against atherosclerosis.

Hijama promotes the release of Nitric Oxide from the vascular endothelial cells during and after Hijama. Nitric Oxide is naturally released When Hijama impacts the tissue structure of the body, whether, by the application of negative pressure, or the incisions made during Hijama, it will numb the pain, Cause vasodilation, Relax muscle cramps, and lower blood pressure. Once the blood flow is restored during Hijama, the production of Nitric Oxide will increase which results in a reduction of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. The effect of Nitric Oxide during Hijama is systemic, so even areas not treated are positively impacted by its anti-inflammatory effect. Nitric Oxide also leads to a better sustained erection.

Hijama is scientifically proven to promote healthy Circulation of the lymph to prevent lymphedema. It stretches open the lymphatic vessels while being dry cupped to relieve localized congestion, supplies oxygen and nutrients to cells.  Then we follow that by wet cupping which helps unclog and remove the cellular waste, cancer cells, dead blood cells, uric acid, carbon dioxide, metabolic waste, and toxic waste from the inflamed areas. Healthier cells, lead to healthier tissues, which lead to healthier organs, which lead to healthier You.

In the case of Sciatic Nerve Pain, Hijama can help when the nerve is inflamed or irritated due to strenuous activity, mild trauma or anxiety. However, when the cause of Sciatica is pinched nerve due to Bulging disc, Herniated disc or Spondylolisthesis, Hijama may not be effective. In this case, a mild improvement could be experienced temporarily. 

Hijama has a proven effect on the composition of the blood by thinning the blood and regulating red and white blood cells to a healthy level but that is not all, it changes acidic blood into pH balanced or neutral blood. 

In the case of Knee Osteoarthritis for example, When inflammation occurs, the body produces Free Radical molecules. When too many Free Radical Molecules build-up, Oxidative Stress occurs which damages the knee synovium and cartridge. According to international medical research, Hijama can free knees from deposit build-up and improve its access to healthy blood, oxygen and nutrients before the cartilage wears away and the bones start to erode.

Let us take Muscle Knots (aka Adhesions/ Trigger Points) as an example: Our muscles are built to contract and extend. While exercise strengthens and builds our muscles, Stress from bad posture for instance does not. When you sit or stand for prolonged periods of time and stress your muscles, they contract for a long time. This contraction builds up calcium inside and turns muscle fiber acidic. Stress on the muscles also hinders its ability to get rid of its toxic cell waste. This results in restricted blood flow and builds a band of fibers that can not be stretched out of popped (as it is not a joint). When it becomes painful, you see a doctor, then a chiropractor, then an acupuncturist and then comes massage, yet the improvement is temporary and pain comes back. While Hijama can not always provide permanent cure, It provides in most case unmatched relief that starts after 48 hours and lasts for months. This is because the combination of negative pressure and incision made on the skin both increase blood flow (carrying nutrients and oxygen) and removes toxic waste outside of the body.

Hijama Beautifies as it promotes better blood circulation and provides deeper nourishment to our internal organs. it rejuvenates the skin by reversing the aging process. Hijama increases both the temperature and metabolism within the skin. it allows for efficient functioning of sebaceous glands and better flushing of the capillary beds which rejuvenates the skin.

Hijama can get rid of water retention, as in Edema, and cellulite by breaking up adhesion under the skin which causes dimples in fatty, fleshy areas. By increasing circulation, the body can detoxify naturally. It sucks out fatty acids, debris, and toxins which have harmfully settled in the tissues, and that allows for ample flow of vital nutrients throughout the body.

What really amazes a lot of physicians is that, Hijama can treat a condition and its opposite. You start to wonder. In other words, Hijama Regulates and Moderates the body, as in the case of hypertension and hypotension, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, over active and under active immune system.

Hijama stimulates the release of Endorphins (Morphine like substance) and Enkephalins which reduces feeling of pain. They are released due to mild pain caused by the negative pressure and incisions applied. The release of the above causes a Endogenous Pleasure Substances. Scientists link the post Hijama mood uplifting to the release of the above substances. Hijama also stimulates the release of Opiorphin, Opiorphin inhibits the destruction of Enkephalins beside acting as an antidepressant. Hijama mitigates symptoms of neural imbalance and hyperactivity. No wonder people use it overcome addiction withdrawal symptoms. 

Our practice serves both genders in full non-negotiable privacy.

Along with medical care, Hijama can help with various ailments such as certain cases of the following:

Headache, migraine, Epilepsy/other neurological disorders, Arthritis and other joint or bone problems, Sciatica, Pulled or sore muscles, Fibromyalgia, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Constipation or IBS, Asthma and other breathing/lung issues, Skin conditions, Allergies, Strokes/paralysis/numbness, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Poor blood circulation, Insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

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