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What is Quran? or what some people call the Muslim Bible? It is the Divine message of the One God to mankind. Quran contains the words of God “Allah” revealed to his final prophet and messenger Muhammed. In Quran you will find answers to: Why you are on earth? What is your goal in life? What should be your perception of everything around you? and What should you expect in the hereafter? It covers clearly the lives of Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, Mary etc. It spotlights previous nations and cultures and where they went wrong. In Quran Allah provides the proof of authenticity to his message. Quran answers questions like: who is the creator and if there is a creator, then, why all the mess is going on in the world. It provides good news for some and warning for others. It is not a set of rules. It is rather meant to deliver a message and to soften up the hearts of the pious. Quran resets our criteria of success and failure. This unique book will challenge you to work your mind on unthought of topics. It is definitely a book that you will cherish every moment of your life. 

Let the serenity of Allah’s words fill your heart with light. Fall in love with Islam. Islam means to surrender your heart, mind and body to the One God who created you and created everything. Despite the hardships around us, we put aside the distractions and the goals the society set for us, in order to search for Creator to guide us. Islam in the beginning might feel like it is too much. But you will get used to it and you will love it because you know inside that it is true, clear and pure. Islam is what you have been searching for but did not believe that it is the ultimate destination. Some people deny what they do not know. They know the Truth only through who they already recognize and trust. But when the Truth comes from someone they don’t know, they deny it altogether. So they rely on people to guide them to the truth while in Islam, The truth guides you to the righteous people.