Before you can become a practitioner. You must work on the reason why. If it is a supplemental income then honestly it might be better to find something different to do. You must have a mission and cause before you study to be a practitioner.

You guessed it, Your study will include Anatomy and physiology. Islamic studies are important because Islam teaches us about Energy levels, the good energy “Barakah” and the Negative energy “Hasad and Sihr”

Your study will also include major diseases like self-immune diseases, hypertension, diabetes, fibromyalgia… etc

Understand what to do in case your client experiences an emergency during Hijama. If your client experiences a coma or gets seizures for example. What if they failed to notify you about an underlying condition they have?

You will study bloodborne pathogens and how to protect yourself and your client.

After that, you can start learning about popular medications, and their mechanism of action as this affects your client and impacts the outcome of Hijama and where you will place your cups.

Then you start to understand how Hijama works. For god sake, learning Hijama is not like learning how to remove a stain from your carpet. Let go of YouTube, almost everything on YouTube even if taught by an “expert is wrong and has no scientific bearing. Sometimes long experience means only doing the wrong thing for a longer time.

You need to learn the points on which you will place your cups via Accu-Hijama. The order of these cups. How long does the cup stay on each point? The strength of suction, Yes the strength of suction makes a huge day and night difference. The number of incisions and the style of incisions. Which blade will you use for each skin type and disease state, type, and material of the blade?

You will then need to learn the treatment plans specific to each disease. It is not like, this side hurts, then we put cups on this side. There are nine different schools as specified by physicians and specialists for where to place your cups, you can use one but you must learn all of them. After that, you must learn the way to identify each point so you do not misplace your cup and lose efficacy. I have reviewed the curriculum of every Hijama Academy out there worldwide, only to find that the majority of them teach insufficient material. So you may need to combine 2 or more schools to get where you need to be. 

Other things you will need to learn, are How to sanitize your place in between clients, Where can you legally dispose of the blood and cups, and What are the misconceptions of Hijama and how they originated. Hijama from an Islamic point of view. History of Hijama. Medical, emergency, cosmetic Hijama, and first aid. Ineligible as a Hijama client and why they are ineligible. Too many drugs can interfere with Hijama, why and how that happens… etc.

If you are not willing to put in the time for the next few years to learn Hijama, learn that you can cause more harm than good. Remember, the first rule is “Do No Harm”.


A new state-of-the-art Hijama School, Supervised and directed by a very important, international, thought leader physician is coming up soon. Stay tuned for details.