• Standard Hijama $85.00, all-inclusive. Primary Sunnah Points. (Recommended for Sunnah & Maintenance.)
  • Hijama Cleanse (Detox) $110.00, all-inclusive. Fix me up.
  • (2 in 1) Hijama $145.00, all-inclusive. (Adds additional body regions such as Knees, Shoulders, or Head)

Other Custom Packages are available upon request

We don’t perform Hijama for Spiritual Disorders

Payment is in Cash. Checks are not accepted. A $5.00 fee is applied to Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, and Credit Card payments.

Medical Insurance, FSA & HSA Cards are NOT accepted. Hijama is Ineligible Expense for Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and Flexible Spending Accounts. Individual Assessments before and during Hijama will determine eligibility for each package. Due to compliance reasons, we use only our own equipment. Fee covers (Office Lease, Equipment Cost, Operational Fees, Biomedical Waste Disposal Fees, Monthly License Fee, Monthly Insurance Fees, and compensation for the therapist’s time)

Hijama Relief will take legal action against copyright infringement on the content of HijamaRelief.com website.

Our Mission is to revive the beautiful Sunnah and to improve the overall health of our community members. The goal of Hijama is not to remove blood. Blood is only a byproduct of the detox process. Also, the number of cups is meaningless, unless they are placed in a certain order according to a specific Hijama plan. Exaggeration in the amount of blood withdrawn and/ or the number of cups placed on the body, will not lead to an optimal outcome. Hijama does not conform to the typical understanding of 20 cups are better than 15 for example. Hijamaology is a science. The number of cups, number of incisions, duration of suction of each point, and strength of suction, Incision site dressing, order of the exact points addressed have to mean and lead to the desired effect by the will of God.