• Standard Hijama, $85.00, all inclusive. including Primary Sunnah Points. (Recommended for Sunnah & Maintenance.)
  • Hijama Cleanse (Detox), $110.00 all inclusive.
  • Hijama Plus, $135.00, all inclusive. ( Addresses concerns in additional body regions such as Knees, Shoulder or Head.. & for Athletes)

Other Custom Hijama Packages are available upon request

Payment is in cash. $5.00 fee is applied to Zelle, PayPal and Credit Card payments

Medical Insurance, FSA & HSA Cards are NOT accepted. Individual Assessment before and during Hijama will determine eligibility for each package. Due to compliance reasons, we use only our own equipment. Fee covers (Office Lease, Equipment Cost, Operational Fees, Biomedical Waste Disposal Fees, Monthly License Fee, Monthly Insurance Fees and compensation for the therapist time)

Why Hijama Relief?

  1. Our typical session time is up to 1 hour per client. 
  2. Every client gets an individual Customized Hijama Plan unique to his/her body needs, where the cups are placed according to precise Acu-Hijama points. We identify points based on your gender, age, life style and pre-exisiting condition.
  3. We don’t use lancets to do Hijama. (a small, sharp, spring-loaded device that takes small blood samples)
  4. Female and male Hijama Practitioners, in full privacy.
  5. We use additional devices to remove adhesions, identify stress points and improve circulation.
  6. Every female client gets a single use disposable isolation gown for free.
  7. We use sealed and sterile surgical blades. Our cups are single use and disposable.
  8. We apply high standard privacy policy.
  9. You will be in a prone position (lie flat with the chest down and back up) during Hijama as this is the only correct way to perform Hijama.
  10. We will always accommodate walk-ins as much as we can.
  11. We combine better education with long years of experience so we can offer you the best experience possible.
  12. Our website is comprehensive and brief in the same time to help you prepare for your session in advance and set the right expectations.
  13. Prior to your session, We will check you blood pressure, temperature and blood O2 level.
  14. We will check your blood sugar levels when necessary.
  15. We will then do a Hijama Q&A, discuss health history and expectations.
  16. We will clean your skin before we start.
  17. Incisions are superficial and shallow.
  18. During the session, We will constantly ask for your feedback and make sure you are comfortable. 
  19. After Hijama, We will re-check your blood pressure and blood sugar level when necessary.
  20. We will talk after your session about Hijama after care.
  21. We use a potent high quality blend of oils.
  22. We Play only religious versus in the background. No music or songs.

Our Mission is to revive the beautiful Sunnah and to improve the overall health of our community members. The goal of Hijama is not to remove blood. Blood is only a byproduct of the detox process. Also, the number of cups is meaningless, unless they are placed in a certain order according to a specific Hijama plan. Exaggeration in the amount of blood withdrawn and/ or the number of cups placed on the body, will not lead to an optimal outcome. Hijama does not conform to the typical understanding of 20 cups are better than 15 for example. Hijamaology is a science. The number of cups, number of incisions, duration of suction of each point, and strength of suction, Incision site dressing, order of the exact points addressed has to mean and lead to the desired effect by the will of God.