Can Yoga, Reiki, Shakti, Cosmic Energy, or meditation help me get rid of Sheitan, Sihr, or Hasad?

Yoga, Reiki, Third Eye Chakra, and meditation can only make you much worse. Yoga is a Hindu Atheist creed where they believe that God is inside of them and inside of everything around them. They seek to become God and Divine when they meditate in this atheist fashion. In Islam you are the slave of God, Allah who is up in the heavens.

Yoga, Reiki, Shakti, and Cosmic Energy originate from satanic thoughts. Yoga meditation is different than Muslim meditation. Meditation in Islam means studying and contemplating the creations of Allah and his wonderous wisdom. In Yoga, meditation means complete stillness, the stillness of the dead, where the mind is silenced from thinking. Yoga can lead to confusion and Alzheimer’s. They claim that they would then hear messages from God. However, what they truly hear are the whispers of Sheitan. If you let yourself believe in these practices, the Shaitan will further deceive you with inner voices and intense imagination. The outcome is hallucinations and mental illness. Yoga has no mental or physical value. It is just a pagan, infidel practice that corrupts and wipes faith. It spread in the West because people in the West are unfortunately void internally of solid religious values.

Realize that there is Not such a thing as houses that have negative energy and houses that have positive energy. Rather, there are places where sins and wrongdoings are committed, so they attract Sheitan and their evil whispers. On the other hand, there are places where people are in humble obedience to God, which brings over angels and keeps the devils away.

Wrong Places

Avoid entering areas or stores that present themselves as Psychic, Astrologer, Spiritual Healer, Palm Reader, Patra or Panchang reading  etc. Avoid browsing their shops, offices, and websites, or even visiting a restaurant that displays a charm at the entrance or on the wall as this could worsen a patient’s condition or even trigger issues in a healthy individual. It’s advisable to steer clear of these places, websites, books, and materials, as well as avoid patronizing them. Refrain from shopping there, and certainly do not bring any family members to these stores, restaurants, or offices that adorn their walls with such items. It’s also wise to avoid businesses, places, and even museums that exhibit peculiar Masonic symbols. You have been warned!!

Prophet Muhammad said, “He is not one of us (Muslims) who practices evil magic or has evil magic done on his behalf.”