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Can Yoga, Reiki, Shakti, Cosmic Energy or meditation help me get rid of Sheitan, Sihr or Hassad?

Yoga, Reiki and meditation can only make you much worse. Yoga is a Hindu Atheist creed where you believe that God is inside of you and inside of everything around you. You seek to become God and Devine when you meditate in this atheist fashion, when in Islam you are the slave of God, Allah who is up in the heavens.

Yoga, Reiki, Shakti, Cosmic Energy are satanic thoughts. Yoga can lead to confusion and Alzheimer’s. Yoga meditation is different than Muslim meditation. Meditation in Islam means studying and contemplating over the creations of Allah and his wonderous wisdom. In Yoga, meditation means complete stillness, stillness of the dead, where the mind is silenced from thinking. They claim that they would then hear messages from God. However, what they they truly hear are the whispers of Sheitan. The outcome is hallucinations and mental illness. Yoga has no mental or physical value. It is just a Pagan, infidel practices that corrupts faith. It spread in the west because they are void internally from solid religious values.