Lingual Definitions of Spiritual Disorders

Athan: the call for Muslim prayer.

Athkar: Plural of Thikr. They are a combination of Quranic verses, Prayers, and Praises to Allah that has been reported to be stated by Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad guaranteed that whoever recites the Morning Athkar, Evening Athkar, and Bedtime Athkar will be fortified and fully protected by Allah, the Ultimate Creator, against all types of evil whether from within or from outside. There are many free Athkar Applications online in the App Store. They are available in Arabic, English, and almost every language.

Ayah/ Aya/ Ayt: One single verse in Quran. It is the plural is Ayat.

Ahadith: Plural form of Hadith

Duaa: Supplication to Allah

Hadith: A statement of Prophet Muhammed

Hasad: to be consumed with jealousy and hatred, wishing a person to be deprived of the bliss of Allah such as money, health, and success. Hasad could apply to things the jealous person can’t see and things that have not happened yet. Iyen is a type of Hasad.

Jinn: There are 2 types of Jinn. The first kind is a believer in God, they will rarely do any harm. The second type is (Sheitan/Devil) which inhibits the earth but is unseen by humans, capable of assuming various forms like dogs, snakes, or even humans in very brief appearances. The infidel type is notorious for lying. Jinn are created of fire, just like humans, they are males and females. Some of them are stronger than others, and more active than others. Jinn was mentioned in the Quran 22 times in 11 Surahs.

Iyn/ Iyen/ Eyen/ Ayen/ Ayn/ Nazar: (admiring eye or evil eye)  It could mean looking at something you admire, without necessarily having ill intention, to the point that you unintentionally Jinx this bliss. It also could be an evil eye because Ayn is a form of Hasad.

Moaothat: Refers to 3 chapters in Quran (Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Nass, Surat Al-Ikhlas)

Moaothatan: Refers to 2 chapters in Quran (Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Nass)

Mahram/ Mehrim: An adult male guardian for a woman who does not have a husband, like (Father, Grandfather, Father in law, Adult son, Adult grandson, Nephew, Brother, or Uncle) (Coursins, like a brother, or like an uncle, are not acceptable)

Mufti: Islamic scholar and Judge.

Mas/ Mass: Literally means “Touch”. To be touched by Sheitan means to be targeted by Sheitan in order to cause the targeted person harm.

Al-Nushrah: Using opposite Sihr to overcome existing Sihr.

Qarin: a devil that is dedicated for each human their entire life from birth to death. It will not leave even when reciting Quran or worshipping Allah. Qarin is an infidel devil who disbelieves in Allah and dedicates his life to misleading humans astray off the straight path. Qarin is different than other devils.

Quran: the book of the one god Allah, that was revealed on his Prophet Muhammed.

Raqi: A spiritual therapist who uses Islamic guidance in Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammed to treat spiritual disorders. His role includes reciting Quran, counseling, and educating patients.

Ruqiah: Exorcism. Verses of the Quran and the Supplications that free the inflicted person from the harm of demons.

Sheitan: Satan, Shaytan, Shaitan, Shayatin, “the Devil”. Repel Jinn that have dedicated their lives to tempting and harming mankind. Sheitan was mentioned in Quran 80 times while Iblis, the father of all Sheitan, was mentioned in the Quran 11 times. It is capable of whispering in your ears and making you believe that these are your own thoughts and revelations.

Sihr: Witchcraft / Sorcery (Black Magic) is made by an infidel person to recruit a (Jinn/devil) to possess the body, soul, and mind of the target victim to make him/her feel sick and behave abnormally physically or psychologically.

Sahir: a person who practices evil magic (Sihr).

Sunnah: the teachings and practices of prophet Muhammed

Salah: The act of praying to Allah by facing the direction of Mecca in order to worship god.

Surah/ Surat: a chapter of the Quran.

Sahir: Evil Magician who uses Jinn to harm others. The Sahir could be a human or could be the devil himself.

Tajweed: is a set of pronunciation rules that guides the pronunciation of letters, words, phrases, and sentence combinations in the Quran. A Raqi is someone who treats with Quran. If they do not know how to apply Tajweed rules to Quran, they did not study Quran.

Wudua/ Wudu: Washing hands, face, arms (a little past your elbow), wiping hair with water, and washing feet, in preparation for standing in front of Allah to do your prayers. Wudua is voided if one uses the bathroom, passes gas, sleeps, or touches women whom one is not Mehrim for.

Yanfuth: From (Nafth) to blow air in hand or on an object like honey from the mouth, some scholars said, accompanied by slight droplets of saliva.

Yatful: Release his breath in a spit-like way accompanied by minor droplets of saliva, similar to Yanfuth but with more droplets of Saliva. It is less like blowing air, it is more like spitting the air out of the mouth.