Level 5 Certified Practitioner of Commercial Hijama; Proudly accredited Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Hijama (Wet Cupping). In addition, Certified Cupping Therapist, Specialized in Vacu-Therapy, NC. We stand out due to long years of research and experience in Hijama. Our practice uses the newest technological equipment and the highest quality materials. Needless to say, Hijama equipment is Single-use & Disposable, including cups, blades and isolation gowns.
We are active members of multiple world-wide Hijama Practitioner organizations and always stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, treatments, and theories. Having access to unique Egyptian Hijama research and references opened a wealth of knowledge that makes us stand out nationwide. We are Certified for Blood Borne Pathogens. Your practitioner is current on all recommended vaccines, including this year’s Flu Vaccine and the 3rd dose of Covid19’s Pfizer vaccine.

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Note: Watch out for Practitioners who are practicing Hijama just for money without a mission behind their business. Unfortunately, a lot of people learn Hijama mainly from YouTube when the majority (over 95%) of YouTube related content is incorrect and even harmful despite of the presenter emphasizing that they are a specialized expert. Unfortunately there are even physicians who will make incorrect statements with full confidence about Hijama. Yet, when they are invited into a debate by other Medical Professor Doctors who studied Hijamaology, you would be shocked on how ignorant they can be. There are intensive English, Arabic and German Hijama reference books and masters degrees out there, composed by medical physicians who dedicated their lives to the study of Hijamaology. Majority of “make money on the side” practitioners are too lazy to dedicate a few years of their lives to study that. So our final answer to the daily calls we get to guide and teach them on Hijama, We will not answer questions or present more information unless you have made already your extensive study, then we can help get even better.