Who are most inflicted by Sheitan and Jinn?

We understand Shirr as someone evil set Sheitan to ruin someone’s life but that is not always the case. The majority of inflicted victims are due to what is so called (Sheitan El-Hassad). This happens when your have been exposed to Hassad, through which damage, the Sheitan sneaks inside the body. Unfortunately, it is most common among females who tend to exaggerate their looks, as when going to a wedding party or dinner, which creates an unspoken beauty contest, which inadvertently causes jealousy that leads to Hassad and then to Sheitan El-Hassad.

Mother Aisha, wife of prophet Muhammed, reported that “Prophet Muhammed came in, He heard a child crying. He said “Why is your child crying? Would you get him Ruqia against Iyen?” 

When parents take exaggerated care of the neatness of their child so that they look very attractive, It could bring Iyen from other parents whose children do not look as beautiful or handsome. 

In the case of Sheitan El-Hassad, the battle is long and requires perseverance. Getting rid of this Sheitan is gradual, it or they, will first get weaker then eventually leave. This type of Sheitan won’t speak during Ruqia and will barely react. It will focus on promoting isolation, desolation, hypersexuality and homosexuality. If you stop your Athkar, recitation and lifestyle changes, because you experience improvement, Sheitan will get stronger and you will have start all over again. Do not treat yourself in the case of Sheitan El-Hassad, just from Hassad and Iyen but rather include treatment from magic. Anytime, Sheitan or Jinn, enters the body, it uses Sihrr to harm you and knots to protect itself from Ruqia. Sheitan, in this case, is the magician. Sheitan El-Hassad is notorious for making you feel tired, overwhelmed, sleeping and needing to cry.

Treatment: This Sheitan is stubborn, silent and sticky. It is also very resistant to Ruqia. The treatment will almost exclusively be Surat Al-Falaq and Iyat Al-Korsi. Recite them twice a day about 100 times each at a time. Hijama can only weaken this Sheitan but will not remove them.

What is the Creepy Jinn?

Yes there are creepy Jinn that hurt both male and females. But of course, it targets females at a much higher rate. Creepy Jinn is interested in violating their victims sexually while distancing them from others in general and from marriage in particular. There are 2 reasons why creepy Jinn settles inside the body.

First reason occurs when someone is impacted by Iyen and then the sheitan enters the body through the damage of the Iyen. The problem happens only when the victim stays untreated for a long time then the Sheitan turns into a Creepy Jinn.

In a weak Hadith (unverified) Abu Hurairah said: “Iyen is real. It brings over Sheitan and the Hassad of the son of Adam”

The second reason for why Creepy Jinn inhibits the body is:

  • Long solitude without the remembrance of Allah or praying.
  • Dressing in a seductive fashion in public.
  • Not wearing enough clothes at home.
  • Going to bed naked.
  • Delaying showering after the end of menstrual cycle.
  • Starring yourself in the mirror or on cell phone (selfies).
  • Dancing and music brings Jinn.
  • Singing or crying in the bathroom, out of all the house, do not do this in the bathroom.
  • Laying down or sleeping on your stomach.

Creepy Jinn, admire the physical build of humans. Jinn live with us and around us. They are powerful and strong, unlike humans who are weaker but good looking. Creepy Jinn settles in the body especially in the womb. Females might feel pulse like movement around and underneath the naval button, irritation in the vagina, vaginal discharge, unstable menstrual cycle, bad odor emitted from the vagina, extended menstrual discharge, stinging sensation and heat in the womb, lower back pain, tingling,  fatigue, irritation, repeated miscarriage in the absence of medical reasons, pain during intercourse,  sterility, repulsed from her husband despite lack of physicals or emotional reasons and be sexually attracted to all other men but not her husband, compressed air movement in the womb area.

Nightmares are definitely an obvious identifier. Victims would see a person, in her dream making love to her. Jinn would start by taking the look of man she loves or some type of handsome man then eventually the Jinn will gradually look nasty and disturbing. She would then start to see dreams of being sexually attacked, harassed. Somebody laying down next to her or breathing on her. Then, she would feel this between her sleep and wake time. After they settle in the body for a while, they refuse to leave. They feel like they own this own this body. Jinn feeds on sadness, tears, masturbation and most importantly nudity.

Live a balanced life however understand that being balanced does not mean to obey Allah for sometime and then trespass over his commands for sometime. For example, listening to Quran and studying then turning on TV to watch a dance contest.

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “There are two types of people who will be punished in Hell fire and whom I have not seen: folks who hold whips like, the tails of cows and they beat people with them, and, women who are dressed but yet naked, they are deviating and deviated; Their heads are like the tilting humps of (Bactrian) camels (referring to styling their hair in public). They will not be admitted to Jannah (Paradise) and they will not smell its fragrance despite the fact that its fragrance can be smelt from such a far, far distance.” Authentic Hadith in the Book of Muslim.

Imam Ahmed narrated that Abdullah Ibn Omar heard the Prophet of Allah say: “Toward the end of time (closer to the day of judgment), there will be among my nation men, who ride on saddles that that look like haulers. (referring to what we call today cars) They would come off of them at the doors of Masjids (meaning that they perform their prayers, despite of that..). Their women are dressed yet naked. On their heads the like of the frail humps of camels (styling their hair in public). Curse them for they are indeed already cursed (by Allah and his messenger). If there was a nation of believers to come after you, your women would serve them just like the women of previous nations serve you.” Authentic Hadith in the book of Ibn Hiban, El-Tabarani and Al-AlBani