Could Shaitan/ Jinn make me sick during or after Hijama? (Translated speech of Sheikh Ahmed Hifny, may Allah have mercy on his deceased soul)

Some people may feel sick after Hijama as in a couple of weeks, or a couple days or a couple of hours post Hijama. When someone feels sick after a week or 2, it is because of evil eye. There are 2 types of evil eye. Deliberate and Undeliberate. Deliberate evil eye is when someone wishes that the gift/ blessing that someone else enjoys is void and compromised. This is relatively rare.

The undeliberate evil eye is when someone mentions a gift or blessing without referring this gift/ blessing to the Ultimate Giver, Creator… God “Allah”. Example: My son is strong. Versus, God made my son strong.

Another Example of referring the blessing to the Lord to prevent evil eye: “Maryam has been sick for years, but after she got Hijama she felt much better MashAllah (As God has determined). In this case, Evil Jinn cannot hurt this person. When you get Hijama do not tell people that you are cured, It is enough to say that you are better.

Some people will feel sick a couple of days after Hijama. If you get Hijama on the upper part of your body, you should rest for 24 hours. Do not forget to rest also emotionally and psychologically. If Hijama involves the lower half of your body, rest for 48 hours. Your hormones, enzymes and glands have been impacted by Hijama. What is concerning, is when a patient feel significantly better after Hijama so they work or exercise too hard.

Some patients, a couple of hours after Hijama, will experience pain, fatigue and discomfort. They become almost disabled after Hijama. The patient should be asked whether not he see nightmares. If he gets nightmares, this means that Jinn are after him. Hijama hurts Jinn and removes their poison from the body. Hijama can even get the Jinn itself outside of the body. So, since Hijama hurts the Jinn, the Jinn works on scaring the patient away from Hijama. Hijama’s process involves scratches and bleeding. How can such an act cause on going pain and complications despite being performed according to the medical guidelines by a medical doctor?

Sometime evil Jinn go after the individual who performs Hijama. When the patient is targeted by Jinn, Jinn makes the patient lose consciousness during Hijama. It could also make the patient appear as if they are dead. Sometimes the patient will have bubbles come out of his mouth as a further proof by the jinn that Hijama must stop immediately and should not be performed again. Everyone would start blaming the Hijama Practitioner. The result is that the Hijama Practitioner will not do Hijama again to this patient. Jinn could trigger symptoms for diseases that the patient does not even have in the first place; to the point that when the patient goes to run blood work or a scan. The numbers would be off and would indicate fake disease state. The makes physicians lose confidence in themselves and in modern medicine. So always ask the patient if they have had jinn issues even if it is something old from a while ago.

The solution for both the Hijama Practitioner and the patient is to smile with confidence and keep calm. This confidence scares away and frustrates the jinn. If somebody suffers from harm caused by Jinn, they should be treated by a Raqi first before getting Hijama. Prophet Muhammed used to seek refuge in Allah against the evil eyes of humans and from Jinn. When the Moaothat (Surat Al-Falaq and Surat Al-Nass) verses were revealed to the prophet, He used them to fortify himself against the Jinn and he forfeited everything else he used to used previously. If you are hurt by the Jinn, honestly share this information with the Hijama practitioner. Prepare yourself by reading the Moaothat for a week or ten days prior to Hijama. Read them daily for 50 times or 100 times a day or even more. Every time you recite them, start with “A’aouzo billah min Alshaytan arajeem”.

Recite loudly with confidence. After you finish each recitation, act as if you are spitting on Sheitan, 3 times around you especially on your left side. If you keep repeating this recitation this way, Jinn, will not be able to withstand this. It is preferrable that the patient is the one who recites this. If the patient can’t, someone else can read them for the patient and at the very least the patient can listen to a recording. When Ruqia is performed sincerely, Jinn shrinks and eventually diminish. It will come out easily with Hijama or even without it. This is the main cure for Jinn. You could also add, drinking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Again, I emphasize that Smiling with confidence by both the patient, the Hijama Practitioner and everyone else in the room, even if it is a fake smile. A smiling person is a strong, satisfied and believing slave of god. This means that the jinn can’t play mind games on the patient, and they can’t make the patient go to a scammer who will pretend like they can fix him up, when they are after money. The family of the patient should repeat saying that they are not in rush for a quick cure. This makes the jinn get desperate and leave the patient.