10 Things your Hijama practitioner wishes you knew

  1. Hygiene is very important for us. Shower on the day your plan to get Hijama. Shave, Shave, Shave.. it is especially important for guys who have hairy backs or legs. Yes, there is a workaround hair. Yet, scientifically speaking, Hijama should be performed only on clean shaved skin. It also helps us attach and remove cups easier.
  2. If you are experiencing negative energy-related issues, like black magic/ Sihr, Please let us know before coming to the office. We need to prepare and fortify ourselves in advance with Azkar before your arrival.
  3. Avoid jerky, sudden movement, this could pop up cups and make a bloody mess.
  4. Arrive 5 minutes early, especially during Sunnah days, we work back to back, when one client is late, everyone else is late.
  5. Share all your medical history before your Hijama session. This gives us time to generate a customized treatment plan that works specifically for you.
  6. Tell us how you feel all the time. We love feedback.
  7. Hijama Practitioners do not like final additional requests after the session has ended. Let us know all your needs before we begin. We set our treatment plan in advance. There is a Hijama tolerance level that every client can endure, last-minute requests make us at risk for exceeding safe limits we have assessed before the beginning of the session. In addition, right after we finish we clear and discard our Hijama tray equipment immediately. Also, we could have other appointments that we need to attend.
  8. We prefer cash payments. Almost, any other form of payment charges as processing fees.
  9. If you have a family member or a friend attending Hijama with you, Please make sure they keep a distance of at least 5 feet from the Hijama practitioner. No one likes to work when are being closely watched or someone is standing close to them.
  10. If you want pictures, let us take them for you. Your Hijama Practitioner is just another human being who may not be always ready to be video recorded.

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