• Have you had enough?

    Are you tired of Migraines, slow urine flow, high blood pressure, cholesterol, poor Memory, asthma…? Continue to see your doctor, fully comply with the medical treatment plan and also check out the effect of Hijama.

  • Physiological Effects of Hijama

    Release deep muscular tissues and adhesions. Lift and stretch soft tissue. Open chest and lungs Improve circulation. Tone vessel walls. Sedate the nervous system. Open energy flow of the body. Relieve pain and inflammation.

  • We practice Hijama

    (Wet & Dry Cupping) in a safe and hygienic fashion. Rest assured that our equipment are brand new, single use, disposable, clean and sterile. We take pride in strictly adhering to the highest safety and hygiene standards.

  • Did you know there is a doctor inside of you?

    Yes.. God created you with a doctor built-in, It is called your “Body”. Hijama has unique ability to stimulate the body’s natural internal healing system.

    *Hijama never substitutes for following up with your Medical Doctor and taking your prescribed medication.

Unwind… Detox.. Enjoy the Soothing Effect of Hijama!!

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What are the benefits of Hijama?

Over the years our bodies get worn out by the accumulating effects of processed foods, pesticides, injected hormones, and antibiotics. As if these are not enough, when we take care of our bodies, we use synthetic chemical-based lotions, creams, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, and most dangerously aluminum antiperspirants. That causes our bodies to age quickly and be inevitably vulnerable to diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer… 

Hijama can clear the body of debris and toxins that the body accumulated to protect us. One of the ways the body works is to store toxins that it cannot process or eliminate out of the body. Over time, this gets to be a very heavy load. It starts triggering the immune system and causes dis-ease. Hijama can remove congestion and debris which relieves pain and inflammation, increase range of movement, improve circulation, sedate the nervous system, open chest, and lungs, clear drainage pathways. Recent studies have found that Hijama plays an important role in cancer prevention and in reducing creatinine load on the kidneys.


What is Hijama?

Cupping Therapy is a therapeutic treatment that originated from Egypt, the first documented medical text was found in 1550 BC. Hijama has then been adopted by many cultures including Egyptian, Arabic, Greek, European, Native American, and Asian for centuries.


Hijama is different than Blood Donation

It is not like bloodletting or blood donation. It is not so invasive that it cuts veins or nerves. we only scratch the superficial layer of skin.
It is only when the cup is replaced upon the spot and the vacuum


Hijama is not Painful

As one of our clients said “I thought it is like, going to the dentist!! I thought it was going to hurt.. Why no one told me about this before?” Hijama can be mildly uncomfortable but rarely painful. It looks worse than it feels.


Hijama Allows more blood to flow through the body which, in turn, helps deliver the nutrients needed by the body so it can repair itself. The incisions on the skin, help eliminate harmful substances. Overall, Hijama helps the nerves communicate better by improving signals to the brain and improving sensation which leads to decrease in pain.

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Sports Hijama for Athletes

Athletes are no exception, They are in dire need of Hijama Detox despite being healthy because their muscles produce lactic acid from being exposed to intense exercise. Lactic acid is a by-product of metabolizing glucose for energy and a waste product that causes a burning sensation in the muscles.

What are the side effects of Hijama?

Hijama is safe and has no adverse side effects when performed in a hygienic setting by an experienced professional using the right type of equipment. Hijama can impact you with a deep sense of serenity and inner peace.


Prophet Mohammed: Every illness has a cure, and when the proper cure is applied to the disease, it heals by Allah’s Will.

Faith & Hadith of Hijama

Hijamah Is The Best Of Remedies

Anas ibn Maalik reported that the Messenger said, “Indeed the best of remedies you have is Hijamah,”

Abu Hurairah r.a reported that the Messenger said, “If there was something excellent to be used as a remedy then it is Hijamah.”


How often should I get Hijama done?

Hijama Frequency.. For a healthy individual who exercises regularly and eats a healthy diet, Hijama cleanse could be recommended once every 3 months especially during hot weather and before the change of seasons.

However, a sick person, may need Hijama on a monthly basis depending upon their condition. Yet Everyone is different. 


When to perform Hijama?

When cupping is necessary, it will be useful during any part of the month, including the beginning and the end of the lunar month. It was reported that Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal used to practice cupping during any part of the month when the spoiled blood became agitated.” However when Hijama is performed as


Where there’s stagnation, there will be pain. Remove the stagnation, and you remove the pain.

ancient maxim

Male Hijama

According to Dr. Ronald Hoffman, “Any diet that promotes obesity and insulin resistance will lower testosterone, because fat cells act like a sponge, soaking up testosterone and making it less freely available.”

The number of men diagnosed with low testosterone has increased dramatically in the past few years which led to a hike in the number of men on Testosterone therapy.


Female Hijama

During the menstrual cycle: Hijama can be very helpful for women who experience premenstrual syndrome and during period to help stabilize hormones and counter effect muscle contractions “cramps”. Hijama has a positive effect on menstrual pains specially around the uterus, lower back and thighs.

Myth: If I get my period, I do not need to Hijama cleansing because impurities have already came out. (FALSE)


When does Hijama take effect?

Depending on the ailment you are experiencing, You could feel instant relief or it could take a few days or even weeks up to 30 days. In some cases you will experience no difference. However, in some cases, blood-work in the lab could show measurable improvement.


Get Healthy.. Do not settle for a cabinet full of pills. You deserve better!!

What to do before Hijama?

  • You must be fasting from any type of food for 2 – 4 hours before Hijama.
  • Diabetic individuals, need to be able to fast for 2 hours before Hijama to qualify. It is permissible to consume very small amounts of food or sweets if needed.
  • Drink plenty of water all day before doing Hijama however stop a couple of hours before Hijama.


What to do after Hijama?

  • Drink honey mixed with water and eat a solid meal immediately after Hijama, with special emphasis on protein-rich food. Eat a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Incisions sight will typically heal in 3-10 days. Keep applying Coconut oil, Olive oil, Petroleum Jelly or Honey on Hijama sites for a few days or as needed if irritation occurs. 


Ineligible Hijama Candidates

  • Individuals with a cardiac pacemaker or implanted Defibrillator.
  • Individuals who are experiencing extreme Hypotension “extremely low blood pressure.”
  • Individuals experiencing a fever.
  • Individuals experiencing excessive or spontaneous bleeding “Hemophilia”


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